Final Fantasy XIV Aithon Mount Guide

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The Aithon mount is a single-rider flying terrestrial mount. It drops from the Bowl of Embers in the game’s Extreme Mode. You will need to complete the ARR 2.0 story to earn this mount. It is rare and a very difficult mount to obtain.

Despite the difficulty of the mount, it looks amazing. It is also very powerful. It can be purchased for $24 at Mog Station. This mount is a great companion for a pirate. The peacock is prized for its beauty, but it has been known to eat dangerous vilekin.

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Aithon mount is the second mount unlocked through the trial of A Realm Reborn. You must beat the boss Ifrit to unlock this mount. You must have completed the Triple triad test to get it. After completing the quest, you can now ride your mount. You can also get the Aithon whistle.

In Final Fantasy XIV, the Aithon mount is unlocked after completing The Bowl of Embers (Extreme). You must fight Ifrit in this trial to obtain it. However, you can also use other players’ loot rolls to earn this mount. But make sure you’re the first to finish the trial to get this item.

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This mount is an uncommon mount, but it is not hard to get. You will need to have an alt who can summon it. The name of this mount comes from the name of a goblin-like creature. It is also the third mount obtained by obtaining the shaman’s horn. To summon it, you need to have at least level 86. To summon it, you need to spend 8,400 Skybuilders’ Scrips.

Aithon mounts can be purchased in the Mog Station for $12. You can also purchase one from A Realm Reborn by recruiting a friend. However, it is a good idea to have a few subscribers so you don’t end up spending a lot on a useless mount.

The Grani mount is a rare mount available only to riders who have a magic affinity. It was available during the Shadowbringers Collector’s Edition, but it can also be randomly dropped from The Navel. When you receive it, make sure to pledge to help restore the shadow of the fallen.

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