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The Sexiest Shiny Legendary Pokémon (Ranked)

By definition, legendaries are rare. But do you know what is weirder? Shiny Pokémon. Do you know what’s even weirder than that? Brilliant legendary.

There really is no method to increase your chances of finding a shiny Legendary Pokémon or not. All you can do is keep rebooting in hopes of getting that 1 in 8,192 chance.

And even with those minuscule odds, there are still some legendaries that are absolutely impossible to obtain as brilliant!

So while we’ll probably never catch those specific Pokémon, I still think it would be fun to see which shiny Legendaries stand out the most. So here you go, in my opinion, the best shiny Legendary Pokémon ever created!

Note: I exclude Mythical Pokémon and Ultra Beasts.

20. Ho-oh

Ho-oh is destined to be a phoenix.

Its multi-colored wings are meant to represent a rainbow, symbolizing new life and rebirth.

While I like the use of the rainbow to represent life starting over, I think Ho-oh’s glow best captures the idea of a phoenix.

Not only are their wings more orange and red than red and green, but their beak and tail feathers are ashen grays.

This means that Ho-oh literally rose from the ashes.

Both designs are great, but I think their shiny shape captures the Ho-oh idea much better.

19. Latios

I’ve always loved the Latis, but Latios has always been my favorite.

The fact that he looks like a jet and has this fierce look of determination always made me think of Tom Cruise in Top Gun.

No, I won’t explain it further.

Latios glitter is a great example of how to do a simple color swap and it works wonderfully.

Instead of its usual deep blue color, Latios is now a gorgeous turquoise. This not only matches your need for speed but also makes you completely unique.

Seriously, how many turquoise Pokémon can you name?

Shiny Latios looks fantastic. And although finding that it requires a bit more work than others, I think it would be worth it.

18. Solgaleo

I’m not going to lie, the brilliant Solgaleo seems very funny to me.

What was once a noble lion-mechanic with the power of the sun, now has all its cool details erased by making everything bright red.

Normally, I would try to argue that this was meant to represent the burning heat of the sun.

But they did the same with Lunala who represents the moon.

Either way, the shiny Solgaleo is a Pokémon that will stand out in your brain for a long time.

17. Cresselia

Cresselia has always seemed completely alien to Earth.

The rings that surround him and his crescent-shaped head have always given off a heavenly feeling.

With its brilliant shape, I feel like more has been accomplished.

Shiny Cresselia has changed her blue and pink ski rings to a dark purple and bright blue respectively, making her feel much more like a creature from outer space.

It’s almost as if the glowing Cresselia is actually a completely different solar system existing in a single Pokémon! I can’t help but feel like Neil Degrasse Tyson would love this.

16. Yveltal

Yveltal is exactly what the first half of its name sounds like: evil.

And what is more evil than red and black?

I’ll tell you: red and white.

Shiny Yveltal is no longer a creature that lurks in the shadows. He wants you to see it.

Not only will it suck up your life force, it will also feed off your fear.

There is no hope when the brilliant Yveltal is near. Just despair.

Shit, that got dark! Sorry, I’ll go back to talking about silly video game creatures.

15. Entei

Entei is easily my favorite of the legendary beasts.

He has always looked much nobler than Raikou and Suicune. Also, it made me cry in the third Pokémon movie.

And its shiny shape really adds to its appearance.

Not only are all of her fur darkened, but Entei’s red mask is turned black. This may take away a bit of Entei’s ferocity, but it makes the Volcano Pokémon seem much wiser.

This is not an active volcano that will immediately erupt in your face. No, the bright Entei is a dormant volcano with fierce flames hidden within.

14. Regirock

Another great group of Legendary Pokémon is the Legendary Giants.

When they were originally introduced, I thought Regice and Registeel were interesting, but Regirock seemed unconvincing.

It was supposed to be stone, but it looked like it was made of Styrofoam and paper-mâché.

All of this changed with the shine of Regirock.

Rather than being primarily tan/white with red spots and shoulders, the glossy form is primarily dark brown with orange highlights.

This actually makes Regirock look like an ancient Pokémon that was formed by years and years of tectonic pressure.

Regirock used to look like a high school science project. Now it looks like an ancient giant.

13. Lunala

Originally, I said in my Solgaleo section that Lunala’s red color didn’t make sense.

But as I was writing this, it hit me.

Lunala is the Moon Pokémon, with an extra “e” for some reason.

Well, there are many different types of moons!

There is a harvest moon, a blue moon, and a blood moon.

Shiny Lunala is the blood moon. That’s why it’s randomly red and scary!

This revelation got me so excited that I had to include it on this list. Sorry, Dawn Wings Necrozma.

12. Reshiram

While many Pokémon on this list are here for their garish new color, Reshiram is not.

All of Reshiram’s changes are subtle but incredibly effective.

First of all, the shiny Reshiram has a brighter white color, which is perfect for Black and White Pokémon.

Second, the brilliant Reshiram receives gold rings around the neck and tail.

This is a fantastic little detail that really gives it a much more angelic feel. In fact, I would say that this brilliant is absolutely heavenly.

11. Spectrier

I really love the Spectrier design.

Being mostly black with purple highlights is a perfect way to convey that you are a Ghost-type Pokémon, especially when your helmets are not glued to your body.

But for whatever reason, I like its shine even more!

The only change that occurs is that all the purple is changed to more than one garnet.

Not only does this capture a ghostly feel, but the redder color really suits Spectrier’s incredible speed.

Also, how many other garnet Pokémon are there?

10. Rayquaza

As I’ve said on many lists before this one, black works incredibly well with red or gold.

So why not put all three together into one Pokémon?

Shiny Rayquaza pulls it off perfectly because the red and gold are barely there.

Red emphasizes the fin ends and mouth, while gold draws attention to a cool circular design.

And while these normally disappear in Rayquaza’s green body, the darkness of the black really allows these design elements to pop.

Rayquaza looked pretty good already.

Shiny Rayquaza is downright awesome.

9. Galarian Zapdos

When the legendary birds of Galar were introduced, I was immediately attracted to the Zapdos of Galar.

I mean, we have an amazing-looking road racer who didn’t get the multi-headed stunt.

The only thing that could make me like it more was if they were still the colors of the original Zapdos.

And that’s exactly what we got with its shiny form.

Shiny Galarian Zapdos swap their reddish-brown feathers and black legs for bright yellow and orange.

Not only does this capture the speed and power of Galarian Zapdos better than the previous colorway, but it also pays a perfect tribute to one of my all-time legendary favorites.

8. Primal Kyogre

The first time I talked about the brilliant Primal Kyogre, I talked about how it really represents the mysterious depths of the sea with its black color and glowing reflections.

It really showed how ancient and powerful it was, while also depicting the centuries of wisdom that lurk at the bottom of the sea.

But you know what I didn’t mention?

Those nails!

They are bright purple and I have no idea why.

But I love it. And it deserves to be on this list.

7. Zygarde (all shapes)

For this post, I include each of the different forms of Zygarde in this list, because they all have the same effect and it works.

The black is changed to white and the bright green is softened a bit.

It’s almost as if the normal forms of Zygarde are the original Xbox and the shiny versions are the Xbox 360.

And we can all agree that both are a huge improvement over the original.

6. The Tapus

Along the same lines as choosing all of the Zygarde forms, I’m also going to put each of the Tapus on this list.

I know, they are all different Pokémon. But I feel good about including them because their brilliant theme is completely the same:

Each one has its main color completely black.

Since they are made to look like old heads on a totem, turning them all to black makes them look older.

It is almost as if they have been damaged in a fire and recovered for a museum.

Not only that but doing brighter colors on black is always a good look.

5. Kyogre

Remember what I said about Primal Kyogre’s purple nails?

That is quadrupled for Kyogre because his entire body is bright purple.

Does this make your red details stand out more? Do not.

Is it better to emphasize what Kyogre is all about? Also not.

But do I really like bright purple? Yes!!

There’s really no logical reason why I like shiny Kyogre so much.

It’s a really fun and instantly memorable design choice.

4. Articuno de Galar

Like Galarian Zapdos before it, Galarian Articuno’s brilliance is a tribute to the original Articuno with its icy blue and white color palette.

While this is an amazing color combination, the reason I love this glitter is that it completely changes the layout of Galarian Articuno.

Galatian Articuno’s species is the “Cruel Pokémon”. And I really don’t like that.

But his original coloring of purple and black backs him up, especially with his mask-like eyes.

However, once black is changed to white, it becomes much more benevolent. He’s not overly kind to everything, but he’s understanding.

This makes me like Galarian Articuno much more.

A brilliant Galarian Articuno is no longer a cruel psychic type. He’s the respectful ice king I’ve always wanted.

3. Moltres de Galar

Shiny Galarian Moltres ranks high on this list not only because it looks amazing (it does), but because it looks better than any other form of Moltres.

OG Moltres looked like a bird that was set on fire.

Galarian Moltres looks like a hotter version of Yveltal.

But the brilliant Galarian Moltres looks exactly like what Moltres is supposed to be: a Pokémon that, when flapping its wings, the night sky turns red.

It is wild, fearsome, and difficult to control. Like a flame. And I love it!

2. Primal Groudon

Primal Groudon might just be my favorite shiny Pokémon of all time.

The black color really makes the magma under your skin-pop, while also emphasizing what Primal Groudon is all about.

Not only that, but it looks really intimidating.

Can you imagine living in Sootopolis and suddenly you see this volcanic giant appear behind the walls? That’s some Attack on Titan horror.

Primal Groudon is truly one of my favorite shiny Pokémon designs.

However, there is one more Legendary Pokémon whose brilliance perfectly encapsulates what it is all about.

1. Giratina – Altered form

There is a lot of Legendary Pokémon that are intimidating or cruel-looking.

But there is only one shiny Pokémon that really scares me: Giratina.

Giratina already looks creepy with her broken wings and red and yellow coloring.

But its shiny shape looks really haunting.

The color palette is pointless, with sky blue, silver, and pale orange encapsulating most of her body.

Combine this with its black wings and you have a Pokémon that appears to belong to a place called Distortion World.

Shiny Giratina is downright Lovecraftian, and it’s unlike anything seen on a Pokémon before or after.

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