The Silver Dragon in Final Fantasy XI

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The Silver Dragon is a mythical creature in Final Fantasy XI, who loves flying and feels at home in the clouds. They usually travel great distances and aim to protect the people they meet. They are a very loyal and honest character, and are known to be proficient with magic and spellbooks. They can summon a wall of fog and gusts of wind, freeze people, and even create snow and hail!

The Silver Dragon in Final Fantasy XI image 0

The Silver Dragon has many mythical origins, and has been used in Final Fantasy games for many years. Originally native to Terra, it served as Kuja’s transportation, before being summoned by Garland in Pandemonium. Its name derives from the element Silver, which is a lustrous white metal with the highest thermal and electrical conductivity of any element. As such, its appearance is very mysterious and often resembles that of a mythical dragon.

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Unlike other dragon species, the silver dragon is a lawful good creature. It likes to associate with humans and their culture, and often uses magic to assume human form. It is helpful to others and usually doesn’t intervene without your permission. It also likes human food, and uses its alternate form ability for large feasts.

Silver dragons can live for centuries. As they grow older, their scales become brighter. They have tiny scales that almost look like solid metal. Their pupils become smaller with age, making them appear like solid patches of silver. A silver dragon’s tail can reach a length of 67 feet, and they stand as tall as 22 feet. They can have a wingspan of 150 feet!

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