Dark Souls 1 Chester Set Review

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The Marvelous Chester’s Set is one of the new items in Dark Souls. It replaces the Light Crossbow and the All-Knowing Set. It’s a nice set that offers both good damage and armor resistance. It’s also pretty light, which is perfect for any dex character with a Carim fighting style.

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While the fine gold finish might fool players, it’s not the same as the set worn by a thief. This set is a bit better for enemies, as it looks better on them. However, it lacks Poise and Poison Resist and doesn’t reduce noise.

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Another set to consider is the Maiden Set. It provides little poise, but is good for builds that prioritize mobility over defense. It also offers some decent Bleed and Poison resist. This set is light, and you’ll likely find it in a Duke’s Archives. It’s one of the lightest sets you can equip. If you’re not sure whether this set will suit your character, make sure to check out the spec sheet before you buy it.

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