Cool Grass Type Pokemon

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When it comes to Pokemon, grass types have a lot of cool nicknames. Some of these include leafeon, contrary serperior, and venusaur. These Pokemon are awesome because they’re convenient to carry around and can traverse uninhabited areas easily. You can also feel the sensations of gripping the horns of a Gogoat.

Grass-type Pokemon can also be powerful against Ground, Normal, and Water types. They also can learn self-healing and poison attacks, which can turn the tables in battle. Let’s look at a few of the best Grass-type Pokémon and what makes them so cool.

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Celebi is one of the most famous Pokemon, which has an amazing ability to travel through time. Its Alolan form has a long neck like a palm tree. Its first film was a hit, and continues to be a fan favorite today. But beware of some of its flaws.

Celebi has good STAB options and a high overall stat total. However, its low Attack stat isn’t enough to keep up with fast-moving Dragon-types, so it’s better to pair it with a more aggressive teammate. Grass-type Pokémon are good at doing physical and special damage, so be sure to team them with a strong offensive teammate.

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Celebi is a great mid-tier grass type Pokemon. It’s a dual Grass/Psychic type Pokemon that first appeared in Generation 2. Celebi has a strong movepool and is weak to seven types. Its typing and stats make it an ideal utility Pokemon in many situations.

Leafeon is another cool grass type Pokemon. It has great Attack and Defense and is a good choice for casual players as well. This grass type Pokemon also has auxiliary moves that make it viable in the competitive scene. While it doesn’t have a Special Attack or Defense, it can supplement a Pokemon’s Special Attack and Defense with other moves, like Seed Bomb and Shadow Claw.

While Rillaboom is an incredible grass type, it can be a flop in the battle arena. It can poison opponents, cause status conditions, and inflict a lot of damage. This bipedal starter Pokemon is also resistant to common types. It looks very classy with its masquerade origins.

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