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If you are looking for an anime about basketball, then you’ve come to the right place. This list features some of the best shows on the sport. If you’re not a basketball fan, don’t worry; there are a few shows out there that are just as enjoyable. These shows focus on the sport of basketball and the personalities of the players.

The plots of these shows tend to be realistic and entertaining. You’ll see a wide variety of characters and great basketball games in this genre. In addition, you’ll enjoy the fact that many of these series feature great teamwork and a focus on cooperation. Animes like these have plenty of fans. They require very little storage space on your hard drive and are easy to read on phones.

This sports anime features a heartwarming mother-son relationship and teaches young players how to come together as a team. The story follows the team as they train to reach the national tournament and compete against other teams. There are three seasons in total. The basketball team at Teiko Middle School is called the “generation of miracles”.

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A popular anime in the genre is Buzzer Beater. In this series, aliens play basketball, which is a fun twist. Watching the games is a real treat. And if you’re looking for a different kind of anime, you might want to check out the popular anime Kuroku no Basuke.

Ahiru no Sora: This anime is based on a manga series written and illustrated by Takeshi Hinata. This series follows a short basketball player named Sora Kurumatani who promises to be a great basketball player like his mother. He works hard to achieve this goal.

Ro-Kyu-Bu! – This show is one of the best basketball anime series on television. It is based on a Filipino culture and offers a unique perspective on the sport. The plot revolves around an orphan boy who has an amazing talent and is drafted into a bizarre pro team. While it is based on basketball, it also depicts the sports of people who are physically challenged.

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Hanamichi: The narrator is a basketball enthusiast who has very high standards in his sport. This shows how hard he works to improve, and the characters he meets help him become better. His rivalry with Rukawa only serves as motivation to improve. And as the series progresses, he realizes that basketball is his true passion.

The anime has many fantastic stories centered on basketball. The protagonists are all passionate about the game. The team is renowned for their skills and achievements. Its diverse characters and storylines ensure that the viewer will never get bored. Even if the viewer does not know basketball, they can still enjoy watching the show and pretend they are on the court.

Dear Boys – This anime series follows the story of a basketball team in a high school. The lead characters are ex-captains Aikawa Kazuhiko. The team is aiming for the championship but is facing a few problems. The team is short-handed, and many members have left the team after a conflict. The plot is also rather unique compared to the usual shounen shows.

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