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The 10 best youtubers and Streamers of Genshin Impact

The massive overlap between gamers and anime enthusiasts is no secret to anyone. Watching animated waifus / husbands is fun, but it can be twice as much fun becoming a Streamers of Genshin Impact waifu/husbando. Better yet, you could gather a team of three to explore a beautiful fantasy world.

That’s the concept behind Genshin Impact, and it has catapulted MiHoYo’s free Action RPG to worldwide popularity.

Maybe you’re looking for guidance as you enter the world of Teyvat, or maybe you just want to watch other people play the game. Either way, here is our list of the best Genshin Impact content creators to check out.

10. Rawfler

YouTube: Twitch:

There are many types of Genshin Impact YouTubers.

Some focus on tradition, others on sharing the strongest builds, and still others just want to share their experiences with the game.

And then there are the memes.

Rawfler is probably the most successful Genshin Impact humorous content creator on YouTube.

His videos, which you will recognize by names like “GENSHIN IMPACT SAYU.EXE” and “KLEE PULL RITUAL.EXE” are completely absurd and excruciatingly funny.

Rawfler’s YouTube videos are all in English, but it’s actually broadcast in Spanish as well. If you want to relax those Spanish classes you took in high school, this guy can make it fun.

9. AsianGuyStream

YouTube: Twitch:

I like content creators who balance useful and entertaining.

AsianGuyStream is one of those.

His videos and broadcasts are fun to watch, and unlike many IG creators, he actually shows his face on the screen.

This makes him that much more charismatic.

This is the type of person you want to talk in the background while you make breakfast or clean the room.

AsianGuyStream tirelessly spits knowledge into most of its videos, but it also has content specifically designed to help you get better at the game, such as boss guides and character exhibits.

8. OkCode

YouTube: Contraction:

OkCode stands out for its calm and collected demeanor.

Even when suffering under the pressure of hellish drop rates on a banner, it remains (mostly) cold.

Editing your videos is fantastic too. Just check out this meme-worthy intro to his Thoma summoning video!

However, there is a caveat:

His British accent is irresistible and even funny to some, while others can’t help but feel embarrassed.

You won’t know where you are standing until you hear it for yourself!

7. Sekapoko

YouTube: Contraction:

If you’re looking for someone to keep you up to date with the status of the game, Sekapoko is one to check out.

He’ll talk about seasonal events, new posters, scandals in the GI community, and guide you through the monthly Starglitter Shop reboot.

It has weapon displays and compares buildings quite frequently, so consuming its content is sure to make you a bit better at the game.

6. Tectone

YouTube: Twitch:

Tectone is one of those great creators that you don’t want to skip if you want to know what all your Genshin Impact friends are talking about.

This creator is about the experience, rather than teaching you anything.

Provide great feedback with a lot of energy, but don’t expect guides or anything like that.

If anything, Tectone can teach you how to play the YT / Twitch game.

Your titles are provocative, the thumbnails are as crazy as the algorithm wants them to be, and the results are evident as you approach the 1 million subscriber mark.

He also plays Honkai Impact 3rd and Lost Ark as well.

So if you like any of those games, Tectone is a must.

5. IWinToLose Gaming


I will be honest with you. I suck at building my characters.

The basics are pretty easy, but I quickly get confused when it comes to maxing out my DPS through multipliers and innovative skill combinations.

One of the best YouTubers to see if you’re in the same boat is IWinToLose Gaming, a down-to-earth guy with a knack for seeing what’s really useful in a character and explaining it in simple terms.

It has videos on why Bennet is actually a secret six-star character, what talents need to be crowned for maximum payoffs, and the best F2P builds in Genshin.

The guy also has a specially designed app to help you maximize your character’s potential.

So if you’re looking to power up your Genshin impact, he’s your man.

4. Mtashed

YouTube: Twitch:

Another top-tier creator for those of you who need help kicking up your Genshin Impact career is Mtashed, a guy who puts a lot of money into the game so you don’t have to.

Well, that’s not all it does.

While it has “whale” content where you burn cash on a banner to get a character to Constellation level 6 as soon as possible, it also has a F2P account to show that you can have fun and be powerful without spending a dime.

Mtashed is relatable, accessible, and its entry-level videos (like 25 Tips for New and Returning Players) are top-of-the-line.

3. Teyvat History


I am a fan of traditions videos.

Whether it’s Dark Souls, Destiny 2, or Genshin Impact, half of my fun comes from exploring the environment and absorbing the stories that make up these fantasy worlds, and the easiest way to do this is through creators who take the time to unravel it. funny videos.

After all, no one has time to read all the books and analyze contextual clues while they are busy cultivating Primogems.

Teyvat Historia is the place to go for a dose of Genshin history.

Their videos will help you understand what is happening, gain a deeper understanding of each region, and realize details that may have been missed.

2. Bwaap

YouTube: Twitch:

If you don’t mind the slightest bit about learning something, but still want to enjoy some good backseat games, Bwaap is here to entertain.

This creator shines with his fun personality and is finely tuned to Gen Z humor.

He’s just dropping top-notch humor and good vibes in each of his videos and streams.

Whether it’s reacting to cutscenes, doing crazy stunts (like tackling the endgame content with Amber equipped with the worst bow), or just executing Spiral Abyss, Bwaap makes it completely enjoyable.

1. Enviosity

YouTube: Twitch:

Known to its fans as F2P Archon, Enviosity is the content creator that no one playing Genshin Impact should ignore.

Enviousness shines by balancing a fun-to-watch personality and quality educational content.

Their guides will help you get the most out of each update, maximize your daily progress, and even teach you ways to mix things up if you’re getting a little bored with the game (but still love it).

It also turns up a bit of gameplay where you’ll see him carry the F2P banner high, fully interpreting the Spiral Abyss and seasonal events.

Enviosity also runs Streamers of Genshin Impact a clip channel dedicated to short, fun clips for times when you just want a bit of bite-sized entertainment.

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