The Sims 4 Tail CC

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If you’ve ever wanted a dragon tail in The Sims 4, this tail is for you. Designed by Zaneida and The Sims 4, it differs from the Dragon Tail CC in form, texture, and design. It can be found in the Head > Accessories menu.

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The tail is also very customizable, with four different variations. It can either point downwards or upwards and moves along with your Sim’s upper body. You can also purchase a cat tail from LittleDoxy, which comes with three separate horns and a tail. The different colors allow you to change the look of your tail.

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Unlike most games, TS4 CC also lets you dress your Sim up in various costumes. It gives you the opportunity to use your own imagination and create your own unique character. You can even dress up your Sim as a hotdog, a mermaid, or a Darth Maul. The possibilities are endless!

There are many downloadable mods available for Sims 4. There is a mod for werewolves called Wolf Tails. This mod adds 178 swatches that match the EA werewolf fur, and has two color overlays. It also adds a new feature called Extended Muzzle and Mouth Corner Depth Slider. This mod works on all Sims, from infants to elders.

Another downloadable item is the Mermaid Pose Pack, which includes nine solo poses and two couples poses. There are also two new mermaid outfits, one with a mermaid tail, and one with a mermaid tail! You can also choose from 25 color swatches.

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