Sea Of Thieves: Best Eye of Reach Skins All Ranked

Best Eye of Reach Skins All Ranked
If you’re the kind of pirate who doesn’t like to get their hands dirty, look no further than the Eye Of Reach for Sea Of Thieves.
This weapon requires skill to use and allows you to land a real hit from afar without going into striking distance.

If all goes according to plan, your enemies will be dead long before they get to you, which is a shame, because they’d probably love to take a look at your scoped rifle, considering the large number of cosmetics for the Eye Of Reach.

But hey, at least you can appreciate them!

And here are our picks for the best Eye Of Reach skins in the game.

15. Distant Eye of the Dark Warsmith for Sea Of Thieves

Cost: 249 Ancient Coins Store Location: Pirate Emporium

Let’s be honest:

Glowing weapons are great, but nothing hurts more than a stealth mission gone wrong because your weapon is lit up like a Christmas tree.

The Dark Warsmith Eye Of Reach solves this problem because if you’re using it right, you won’t be close to your enemy when you pull the trigger!

This weapon is dark and ornate, with metal pieces built into the stock, and the dull, fiery glow of the barrel looks menacing at night.

Freshly forged, ready for battle, and high level to start this list.

14. Launch Crew Scoping Eye

Cost: N/A Store Location: N/A

Here’s a rifle skin that’s further down the list because it’s no longer available, and likely never will be.

But it’s perfect for you drunks.

I’m not embarrassing anyone, although you know who you are.

The Launch Crew Eye Of Reach is a pretty unique skin where the visor is replaced by a bottle… Well, it’s Sea Of Thieves, so of course, it works.

And the resulting design will make any pirate thirsty just by wearing it.

The ‘Launch Crew’ tag is also a nice touch, as you could only buy this weapon when the game was in its infancy way back in 2018.

13. Parrot Eye Scope

Cost: 13,400 gold Store Location: Armory

I’m not sure how they managed to make a parrot-themed sniper rifle look cool, but here we are!

Sometimes themed weapons can be a bit over the top in Sea of Thieves.

But the Parrot Eye Of Reach looks excellent.

This weapon is decorated with exotic bright green and gold flecks and has a parrot head built around the barrel.

I’d usually recommend a weapon like this to accompany your feathered friend, but the pet is 100% optional here.

12. Eye of Reach of the Lunar Festival

Cost: 249 Ancient Coins Store Location: Pirate Emporium

Who said a gun needed to shine to be eye-catching?

The Lunar Festival Eye Of Reach stands out with its bright red and yellow details that look like they just came out of a Lego box.

Some of the other Lunar Festival weapons look a bit chunky, but they did a great job on the rifle.

This is perfect if you want a splash of color in your weaponry, without looking like you have a flashlight attached to your weapon.

11. Wild Rose Scope Eye

Cost: 75 Doubloons Store Location: Armory

Some of the fanciest cosmetics you can get belong to the Wild Rose set.

And the rifle is no exception.

The Wild Rose Eye Of Reach is available to everyone from day one, but collecting the doubloons can take a while.

The grind is well worth it though because along with the rest of the ensemble, this handsome weapon is wrapped in a rose-red ribbon and adorned with gold.

This isn’t just one of the fanciest weapons you can get early on, oh no.

It’s also one of the most stylish in the game, full stop.

10. Eye Reach Ruffian

Cost: 9450 Gold Store Location: Armory

There are plenty of weird and wonderful weapons in Sea of Thieves. But if you’re a purist who appreciates the simplest of things, your options are more limited.

Fear not though, as Ruffian Eye Of Reach may be just what you need.

This weapon has the most classic look you can get.

It has a fantastic design with a simple gray and silver color scheme, and a noticeable lack of “bits” stuck on it.

If you picture yourself as a card shark at the tavern, you’ll also dig the spade symbol in action.

9. Eye Scope Aristocrat

Cost: 75 Doubloons Store Location: Armory

Most of the weapons in Sea of Thieves have been used a lot with all the cracks, damage, and crap you shouldn’t ask questions about…

The Aristocrat Eye of Reach is beautiful, but it looks so out of place because it doesn’t have any of that.

Basically pristine.

This rifle is in condition from day one with its wonderful cream-colored stock and pale red accents.

This will only suit the cleanest captains. And if that’s not you… maybe you should put it back in the cabinet you stole it from.

8. Rogue Sea Dog Scope Eye

Cost: 9450 Gold Store Location: Armory

Snipers are known for their deadly accuracy.

So it’s only fitting that the faction obsessed with collecting skulls can also provide you with the perfect weapon to take out those skulls.

The Rogue Sea Dog Eye Of Reach is a traditional-style rifle with a sleek black stock and is unlocked by reaching level 48 with the Order of Souls.

Journeys for the Order often involve you destroying dozens of skeletons, so the image on the butt of the weapon makes a lot of sense!

7. Admiral Far Eye

Cost: 9450 Gold Store Location: Armory

Can you imagine yourself as a captain back in port after a maiden voyage?

Well, whatever weapon you choose, it’s important that you look good!

Here’s the Admiral Eye Of Reach, and it’s an exceptionally stylish rifle skin.

But best of all?

You can buy it from day one with gold that you can scrape together from your first trip or two.

As its name suggests, this weapon would fit perfectly in the hands of a fearless leader.

You may be an admiral in name, but do you have a goal to be? Let’s find out!

6. Legendary Eye of Reach

Cost: 9450 Gold Store Location: Athena’s Fortune Store

This is a bit much for my liking, but considering all you have to go through to get it, you’ve earned the right to use any weapon you want.

The Legendary Eye Of Reach is a striking purple and gold rifle with the Pirate Legend symbol proudly etched into the stock.

As you might expect, this weapon is only available for Pirate Legends. But there is a catch:

This weapon has the bonus requirement of 240 Arena wins as a Pirate Legend.

Only the most battle-hardened warriors are capable of such a feat. So if you see someone wearing this skin, surrender or shoot to kill.

5. Distant Eye of the Dark Adventurer

Cost: 2,551,500 Gold Store Location: Athena’s Fortune Store

After collecting countless rewards and amassing countless riches, you might run out of things to spend your gold on.

If you’re in this position, then I’ve got you covered.

The Dark Adventurer’s Eye of Reach is only available once you become a Pirate Legend, and it’s so expensive that even the richest Pirates will shed a tear handing over that much gold!

The rifle itself uses a sleek black and silver design style, with a red skull decorating the top of the barrel.

I just wish they would remove some of the rust for that price.

4. Ghost Scope Eye

Cost: 67,595 Gold Store Location: Athena’s Fortune Store

If you’re looking for something different that only the most seasoned, grizzled veterans can handle, this rifle has it all.

Ghost Eye Of Reach is only available to Pirate Legends who have fought up to level 18 with Athena’s Fortune’s Emissary.

Accomplishing that feat alone will take hundreds of hours… and during that time, you’re rewarded with a shiny mechanical monstrosity covered in twisted metal.

This is no longer a sniper rifle.

This is heavy artillery.

3. Soul Flame Reach Eye

Cost: 500,000 Gold Store Location: Athena’s Fortune Store

Let’s say you’re in the market for something really rare and coveted.

Maybe you want something that is recognized and feared.

Well, “fearsome” may be an exaggeration… but among more experienced pirates, this will give you some credit.

The Soulflame Eye Of Reach stands out like no other. Because apart from the basic shape, everything shines!

And what makes this weapon so sought after in SoT is its absurd unlock requirement:

25 The clearings of Fort Of The Damned stand between you and owning this weapon.

And considering the maniacs the fort attracts, you’ll have to prove yourself worthy of it.

2. Silver Blade Scope Eye

Cost: N/A Store Location: N/A

This next rifle is probably the prettiest in the game.

And considering how many different skin options there are, that’s quite a statement.

The Silver Blade Eye Of Reach is an amazing skin that is decorated in an icy arctic white and silver with a pale purple body.

I hope you have the patience of a sniper if you want this for yourself because this weapon is a reward for playing the Insider version of Sea Of Thieves for at least one hour a week, for 45 weeks.

You will have to put in some time and effort to unlock this exquisite instrument of death.

That said, it’s totally worth it.

1. Glorious Distant Sea Dog Eye for Sea Of Thieves

Cost: 13,400 gold Store Location: Armory

If you want the perfect balance of class and color, or traditional yet unique, look no further.

But the unlocking condition is definitely not easy…

The Glorious Sea Dog Eye Of Reach stands out with its fiery red and gold color scheme.

And you might be wondering what that medal is about… well, that’s what makes getting this weapon so difficult.

You need to kill 200 pirates in the Arena, and you need to use an Eye Of Reach to do it if you want to replace your old tattered rifle with this one for Sea Of Thieves.

There are no tricks here, just skill.

Are you ready for the challenge for Sea Of Thieves?

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