Sometimes a video game becomes fashionable years after being released. It happened to Among Us in 2020, and it has also happened with Rust, a survival title developed by the British studio Facepunch Studios, available for PC since 2013.

The Twitch phenomenon and especially the popularity of England, the server created by El Rubius, Auronplay, and company, made Rust’s popularity rise to the stratosphere, arousing interest among people who had never heard of the game. And for all that to some extent, we are writing this analysis.

Survival is something that is implicit in the video game, but a group of brave developers from Walsall (England) dared to translate a series of risky ideas into their PC project. Thus was born Rust, a very special game that gives us a hard slap from the beginning, but that urges our ingenuity, sacrifice, and sense of survival.

This great success after the event made the guys at Facepunch Studios embark on another difficult task: bringing their ambitious survival game to Sony and Microsoft consoles, with the difficulty that this entails in aspects such as control or fidelity of the experience. , but also on a technical level, of course. The British Double Eleven (made up of ex-Rockstar workers) are in charge of bringing Rust to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One … will they live up to what is expected?

Rust Console Edition

As we will see in this analysis of Rust: Console Edition, this adaptation went on sale on May 21 with physical (published by Koch Media) and digital editions available on the PS Store and Microsoft Store.

The game is available on both PS4 and Xbox One ( requires PS Plus and Xbox Live Gold to play ), with the possibility of playing it also on PS5 and Xbox Series X | S through backward compatibility. We have performed this analysis based on the Xbox One version, which we have played on both the Microsoft base console (released in 2013) and the Xbox Series S console as well.

A rock and a torch, more than enough

When you start a game in Rust: Console Edition, you know that things are going to go long. Shipwrecked on a beach and sleeping to the sound of the waves, we will press A (or X on PS4) to wake up and start the survival adventure.

We only have a rock and a torch in our action bar, but with that, we can take off to glory … taking considerable time to craft, of course. What is crafting? Well, what has been known for a lifetime is creating objects from resources that we farm in each game, and that perfectly represents the beginnings in Rust.

Of course, perhaps we miss a section of tutorials before officially starting our first game, to help the player become familiar with the different functions and possibilities of the game. While we collect wood and stone to be able to build tools, we get linen to craft clothes or we obtain sulfur ore or metals, we will have to keep an eye on the back of the neck.

The why? Well … the other players will be cruel to you in Rust, or at least the vast majority, especially in your early days. Speaking from experience, it will be more than one and more than two times when another player kills you repeatedly while collecting certain material or building your base, but in a way that is the essence of Rust.

Rust: Console Edition

In Rust, we must be clear about different resources that we can use: stone, wood, sulfur ore, metal, remains, linen and others. The first thing we can obtain is stone from the different rocks scattered around the map (at first only those that have a point of brightness), wood from the trees that we find, flax when collecting small bushes, or mineral or metal that have a color other than rock (brown or greenish).

To farm, we only need patience and rock, but quickly you will be using the stone ax and the pick to get materials at a higher speed and in greater quantities. Through the game creation interface, you will be able to craft all kinds of objects.

Rust Console Edition

But … what would a survival game be without food or drink? Of course in Rust, we will not only have to survive enemy attacks, since we will have a HUD in the lower right corner that indicates our health, thirst, and hunger that we have at all times, which will vary over time in every game.

To regain health we can create a bonfire and stand next to it, while we will have to drink water from bottles, rivers and even the sea itself (although it is not recommended). To get food we have two options: collect plant foods such as mushrooms, mushrooms or pumpkins (which we can plant through seeds) or hunt wild animals, such as chickens, wild boars, deer, and even bears … although it is not easy at all.

Rust: Console Edition

The beginnings in Rust are not easy at all, because they do not only consist of keeping us alive and collecting resources. If you want to get anywhere in this survival adventure, you will have to take care of the enemies and create your own fortified base.

This may sound very good to you … but you will suffer too much when you see your first house made of flimsy wood. Once you have found the perfect location, you will have to build a construction plan and a wooden hammer, and start using the resources obtained to build your own base.

Although it is not nearly as comfortable as the PC construction interface, in Rust: Console Edition we are allowed to select the type of element we want to create (from the beginning it will be with wood), which we can see in the preview and rotate with the X button. To apply it to our base we will press RT, although first remember that you must build a good foundation and foundation steps … and be clear that strategy is a vital point in Rust.

Enemies can raid your house to steal your objects (which you will probably keep in boxes or tool cabinets), and to avoid this you have two options: one, improve the material with which we have built the base using the wooden hammer (from wood to reinforced wood, and then to stone, and so on), and two, place a door with a lock … which you will soon be able to convert to iron, metal and even implement security panels via code.

Rust: Console Edition

Maybe reading this review is giving you the feeling that Rust: Console Edition is a primitive game, but nothing is further from the truth. As you progress you will get metals and minerals to build better structures, while you discover how to obtain fuel, how to make gunpowder and bullets for weapons, recycling tools for scraps such as tuna cans, or the use of vehicles.

Nor do we forget the barbecues (where we can cook meat and even ” grill ” human meat), vending machines (where we can buy objects using scraps), or hunting and fishing trips, which you must know first-hand to survive. in the Double Eleven title.

Rust: Console Edition is a deep and wide game that will take a long time to master and that is presented as a unique product within the PS4 and Xbox One catalog. However, it is not a title for everyone, far from it. and you are likely to despair during the first few gaming sessions. Everything has its why and its usefulness in Rust, although you may not have the opportunity to discover it in time … or yes, who knows.

Survival adapted to a command

Rust is a real experience and one that puts you in a difficult situation from the first moment. As happened in the PC version, this Console Edition offers us a long list of official servers, divided by different regions (Europe, Asia, America, etc.) and each with its own conditions: periodicity, platform, ping, and a number of players (from 1 to 100).

The game’s interface is quite identifying and clean, betting on different well-defined options in the menu. ” Playing Rust ” allows us to access several modes to enjoy the game: Official servers, Xbox One only (or PS4) , Favorites (where the servers we want are saved), and History (a compilation of all the servers where we have played), while the option to create a private server is not yet available.

Rust: Console Edition

The truth is that Rust: Console Edition is honest from the beginning and challenging like few others: beginners will try to find an affordable game to start playing, making sure that it has the least number of users … but even that can not save you.

We recommend that you select a series of filters (that are not full games, that belong to your region, same platform) in order to avoid the blunder of accessing an impossible server. Of course, you should know that Xbox One and PS4 players will be able to play together, thanks to the crossplay that Double Eleven has implemented.

Rust Console Edition

But let’s get to the important question … how well has Rust’s gameplay adapted to consoles? Honestly, there are many lights and some shadows when evaluating this section, although it would be impossible to deny its direct relationship with the technical performance of the game.

At its core, Rust: Console Edition is a first-person survival game, where common settings have been applied to make the experience easier. Speaking of Xbox One, with RT execute the action with the selected object (either a weapon, an object that we want to place or tool) with the A button to jump, B button to crouch, X is the action button, and with And we can feed ourselves, among other things.

Double Eleven has known how to map the functions in the buttons of a controller well, although the set gives a somewhat rough feeling. Especially combat seems slow and cumbersome, which we understand if we attack with a rock or a spear, but not when we use a firearm.

Rust: Console Edition

Sometimes you will be left with a fool’s face when you see that a rival has hit you before you hit him, despite beating him in distance. On the other hand, the movement of the character is fluid and we will quickly take over the reins of our character … although the PC keyboard shortcuts are missing, of course.

Material farming, a must-have in Rust, is well suited to command. Ax, pick or rock in hand, we will only have to press RT on trees, minerals, metals, or rocks to collect the amount of said material, following the trail of the bright points on the stones and the red Xs to get wood from the trees.

The use of the inventory and the creation interface allows us to place a series of objects in the action menu, perhaps in a somewhat cumbersome way but with time you will get used to managing your bag of objects.

Rust: Console Edition

It is also worth commenting on the game’s social functions wheel, which allows us to communicate with the rest of the players (without using the microphone, only through in-game text). If we press R3 (the right stick inwards) we are presented with a series of fans with different dialogue options divided according to what we want to communicate.

For example, in one of our games, we wanted to clarify whether we could build a base in another player’s territory, and on another occasion, we asked a Good Samaritan to lend us a number of stones. It is even possible to form alliances with groups and create your own team … but be careful with betrayal in Rust, because it is much more common than it seems.

It is not the same as playing on a PC, but Rust: Console Edition is a worthy demonstration of how to adapt the control of the original title. It’s far from perfect since it suffers from rough combat and the absence of shortcuts, but in general conditions, it works like a first-person shooter or an RPG like Fallout or The Elder Scrolls, and the player will soon take over the main controls and possible functions. If you cannot adapt to the Xbox or PS4 controller, you can always use a keyboard compatible with Sony and Microsoft consoles, as an alternative option.

A desolate but varied world

Rust is a peculiar and unique video game at the playable level, but the very detail of its world is one of the key points of this survival adventure. In the inventory menu (which we access by pressing the crosshead up) we can see a tab especially dedicated to the map, where we can see different areas such as the gas station, the fortified city, and different habitats and ecosystems.

Be very careful with this, because Double Eleven has worked a lot with the strategic sense in the magnitude of the map (the fortifications are concentrated in the central points of the map)

Rust Console Edition

The title of Facepunch and Double Eleven bets on a post-apocalyptic setting that, in turn, is broken down into a series of varied ecosystems. Rust’s starting point of reappearance will always be the beach … but it can be in a snowy, wooded, or even desert environment, and in each of them we find distinctive elements that give greater variety to the game.

The most interesting thing is that each climate directly affects our character, who begins his adventure devoid of all clothing … which introduces the body temperature factor. In snowy environments and while swimming in the sea, we will be warned that it is too cold, which will gradually decrease our health until we warm up again.

On the other hand, in the desert we will be told that we are dehydrated, so we will have to keep more than one eye on the thirst bar … and wear lighter and fresher clothes.

Rust Console Edition

Radiation also plays a key role in Rust: Console Edition. In various scenarios on the map, there will be some areas that have high levels of radioactivity, which will cause us to lose health little by little if we do not take measures, and especially if we have just started and we do not have any clothing to wear.

As you can see in the promotional image of this edition for consoles, over time we will be able to get special anti-radiation suits, as well as products to reduce the radiation levels of our body, such as pills.

Another alternative to alleviate these effects is to get into the water or eat some special foods, and luckily all this will be warned us through the HUD of the game (although we can also deactivate it and have the screen “clean” completely).

As the icing on the cake, Rust includes a low-key soundtrack that adds points to its setting, which also translates into greater player immersion. They are background melodies and small instrumental themes, which in some moments will give way to almost complete silence, but which do their bit to make us feel part of this world of survival. The sound section of the game is discreet but effective, with correct sound effects for shots, vehicles, and interaction with the environment.

Rust does not shine

We come to what is perhaps the weakest point of Rust Console Edition: the technical section. To begin with, it must be said that this version of consoles has been optimized for PS4 and Xbox One, and so the Double Eleven team let us know as prior notice.

Although it is playable on PS5 and Xbox Series X | S through backward compatibility, its performance may vary if we run it on next-generation consoles from Sony and Microsoft. We have been able to test the game on both the base model of Xbox One and Xbox Series S and of course, there are notable differences between the two.

We are going, to be honest, but also fair. It is very likely that the technical section of Rust is more similar to the last years of PS3 and Xbox 360 than to the generation of PS4 and Xbox One since we find some scenarios that meet at a general level … but that when we get closer they show its seams without any shame.

Rust Console Edition

The textures are one of lime and the other of sand, with a more dignified representation for stone or metal, but a recreation of wood (when we cut down the trees) that will make more than one blush. As for the animations, it is obvious that it is not a primary section in Rust: Console Edition, where we can see how the characters jump disproportionately and move roughly, in addition to a slight “sliding” effect of the characters.

Speaking of the scenarios, there is some popping when we progress through certain areas of the environment, an old trick that was already used with very extensive RPG games like Fallout 3 and Oblivion … more than ten years ago.

Rust Console Edition

Another negative point of Rust: Console Edition is the visual bugs in certain moments of the games, although it must be said that these are not errors that affect the game experience. Yes, it is not funny that when cutting a tree you see black spots on the marks of the deteriorated bark, or that when night falls, graphic defects appear that prevent adequate visibility, but after all, they are small errors that do not always appear.

In addition, in defense of Double Eleven, it must be said that patch 1.03 was released a few days ago for the console versions, and this has corrected some bugs that were previously present. And if we talk about the performance and fluidity of the game, there are also slight differences between the two “different” versions that we have tested.

Double Eleven has optimized Rust: Console Edition to run at 30 fps on last-generation Sony and Microsoft consoles, and the truth is that the experience suffers from some hitches and drops in frames, although it also depends on the type of connection and the ping of each game.

Rust Console Edition

We have experienced some moments of less fluidity and a couple of graphical errors playing on Xbox One, although it is not usual and the truth is that the rate of 30 fps is maintained in a good part of the experience.

On the other hand, in Xbox Series S the game runs at 60 fps and the technical improvement is very noticeable, not only in terms of performance but also in terms of resolution. Although Rust: Console Edition is not optimized for the next-gen PS5 and Xbox Series X | S consoles, there is a noticeable improvement when running on these systems.

Before we said that we were going to be fair, so in defense of the guys at Double Eleven it must be said that such a huge and deep game always has it more difficult to shine technically, and Facepunch’s resources are not those of a great AAA game studio.

The PC version of Rust wasn’t a visual marvel, so it’s no wonder the 2013 dual-console versions don’t perform well when it comes to graphics. It has been adapted as possible, and it must be taken into account that it is an online multiplayer title, a fact to take into account for this section.


Rust: Console Edition is the must-have transition from the PC survival experience to next-gen consoles. After the furor that the Facepunch Studios game has unleashed in recent months, it was clear that an alternative had to be offered for users of PS4 and Xbox One consoles. The result is remarkable and there are many aspects that shine in this port, although logically it is not perfect by any means.

Enjoying the world of Rust on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will bring a big smile to your face if you’re looking for a deep, addictive game that perfectly recreates what it’s like to survive. You’ll be frustrated when other users kill you, destroy your base, or steal your precious inventory, but you’ll also feel proud when you hunt your first animal, find a firearm, or manage to forge an alliance with another player.

Rust Console Edition

It seems that the idea behind Rust goes hand in hand with the PC community, but we must congratulate the guys at Double Eleven for offering us this alternative that you can play with a controller, with a good list of official servers, and with infinite possibilities. in each game. We emphasize: it is not a game for everyone, the beginnings are difficult and you will have a bad time when you start playing, so if you have a friend, do not hesitate to ask for their help.

Rust: Console Edition is a good port for PS4 and Xbox One consoles, which you will undoubtedly enjoy if you like survival, MMOs, or even RPGs (although this is not). If what you want is a straightforward experience that grabs you from the first minute, Rust may not be the game you’re looking for, but if you spend time with it, we promise you won’t be disappointed. Start a post-apocalyptic adventure on your console, so turn off your phone and immerse yourself in the world of Rust