Returnal's unbridled action
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Returnal’s Unbridled Action – An Experience Only Made Possible By The Power of PS5

The arrival of PS5 has opened the door to a new generation of experiences and sensations. To an exciting present in which video games promise to reach almost unimaginable levels of spectacularity. Returnal, the new game from Housemarque, is a perfect example of everything PS5 can do. Grab your spacesuit and prepare to fly to the planet Atropos. We assure you that you will never have experienced a similar trip.

Returnal, the new exclusive for PlayStation 5, is now on sale, and the arrival of the new Housemarque work is a joy for all owners of Sony’s next-generation console, for many and varied reasons:

On the one hand, because we have before us a brutal action game with roguelike mechanics and a unique setting and story and, on the other, because it offers a completely next-gen experience, ideal for discovering everything that PS5 is capable of.

Returnal PS5

From its imposing technical section, which highlights the fluidity of its engine, the spectacular lighting or the absence of charging times, to the amazing performance in the sound plane, especially if we play with headphones and freak out with 3D Audio, going through the great use that Returnal makes of all the possibilities of the DualSense remote control.

All these elements, and many more, come together in perfect harmony to launch us fully into the future of video games. One that, finally, is already among all of us. Friends, welcome to Atropos!

A new generation visual spectacle

The first thing that strikes us powerfully about Returnal is, without a doubt, its impressive graphic and artistic section, which makes us aware of what it means to be before a true next-gen experience.

It is enough to leave Selene’s ship and travel a few meters in Atropos to completely marvel at the mysterious planet: its dark atmosphere, the incredible quality of all the textures, the brutal definition of the image, the careful lighting …

Everything in Returnal exudes spectacularity from the first bars. And this feeling is magnified when we start to play and face the first aliens.

Returnal PS5

At that moment, the screen is filled with shots, particles, and amazing lighting effects, when we are aware that we are facing something that is at a new level, unthinkable just a few months ago.

Return is a show for the senses in all aspects: from the great diversity of landscapes of its 6 biomes, through the brutal design of the enemies, the animations of Selene …

And best of all, the game always moves with absolute fluidity. No matter the number of simultaneous enemies or the amount of effects that come together in a single point on the stage, or even that its size is enormous: the graphics engine always shows us a brilliant 60 fps.

Returnal creatures

And speaking of speed, another surprising element of Returnal is the immediacy of loading times. Or rather, the total absence of these moments of transition.

Actions such as moving from one room to another, teleporting between different parts of the planet, or reviving after losing your life are carried out instantly. Forget those games of the last generation in which all these actions sent us to a loading screen. In Return, they simply don’t exist. And it is something that contributes greatly to enhance his already frantic proposal.

Taking sound to a new level

At the beginning of our first game in Returnal we can read a recommendation from Housemarque, its creators: that we face the experience with good headphones.

And, of course, we can assure you that it is great advice since the title takes advantage of like few others so far the immense possibilities of the PS5 3D Audio, the result of its innovative Tempest Engine.

Returnal creatures

As you surely know, this technology is compatible with all the helmets that we connect via Bluetooth or, wired, in the DualSense Jack input.

In our case, we have completed the game using the Pulse 3D wirelessly and other wired Hifi headphones, and in both cases, the result is absolutely overwhelming.

In addition to the forcefulness and clarity provided by the Tempest Engine, the wide soundstage it is capable of reproducing is particularly striking. All sounds, such as the growls of aliens, are perfectly locatable in space, which, in addition to being spectacular, is very useful to locate your position quickly in the heat of battle.


For their part, in perfect Spanish, the voices are heard with exquisite clarity, and the rest of the effects, such as the rain, which surrounds us, blend perfectly with the great melodies that accompany us at the right moments.

The result, without a doubt, is a sound show worthy of the best cinemas, and that takes our experience to a new level when we use good headphones.

Of course, if we have a good sound system, Returnal’s audio is also spectacular and in 5.1 or 7.1 amplifiers it is capable of making our hair stand on end. In addition, playing in this way we can also hear everything that our DualSense has to say …

The DualSense: an indispensable part of the experience

Games like Astrobot or Demon’s Souls had already shown us what DualSense is capable of, but, also in this aspect, Returnal has managed to take our sensations a step further with the new PS5 controller.

As we said before, one of the most outstanding characteristics in this regard is the enormous variety of sounds that the remote control speaker is capable of emitting and that perfectly match many of our actions.

Our movements produce all kinds of sound effects that contribute enormously to give them credibility and that we experience them in a much closer way. In addition, all these effects are accompanied by different haptic vibration patterns, and we can assure you that the result is almost magical.


One of the most spectacular examples is the pattern of rain. When a storm breaks out in Atropos, our DualSense vibrates so that it can perfectly recreate the sensation of raindrops falling on the controller. This incredible effect is accompanied by a soft sound of rain that comes through its speaker and the result is, simply, mind-blowing.

Luckily, there are many, many more effects of this type, such as when we do not reload our weapon in time and it jams, deeply feels the pulse of some Xeno artifacts, feel the recoil of the different weapons …

Returnal PS5

And speaking of weapons, we cannot ignore the fantastic work of Housemarque when it comes to taking full advantage of the DualSense triggers, whose resistance is adapted to recreate different types of perfectly differentiable shots or to make us feel a large number of actions in a way. only.

In short: we could spend hours describing the infinity of spectacular elements and small details that make the universe that Housemarque has created in Returnal so great.

But, without a doubt, the best thing is that you are the ones who help Selene to break the time loop and prepare your senses for a direct trip to the new generation. And the best way to do that is with the Returnal Digital Deluxe Edition for PS5, which you can purchase directly from the PS Store for € 89.99.

Returnal Digital Deluxe Edition PS5

In addition to the game, the Digital Deluxe Edition includes all these extras:

  • Digital soundtrack.
  • Electropilone conductive weapon.
  • Hole-seeking weapon.
  • 1 consumable: reflex stimulator.
  • 1 artifact: throbbing mass.
  • 1 adrenaline booster.

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