Pokémon GO Fest : Rock Star Pikachu Outfit Revealed

Pok'emon GO Fest : Rock Star Pikachu Outfit Revealed image 0

The brand-new Pikachu outfit that we will certainly see in Pokémon GO is motivated by among the most recalled phases of the collection.

The GO Fest 2021 is one of the most essential day of the year Pokémon GO. This year’& rsquo; s version will once again be digital. Nonetheless, unlike previous editions, this terrific event of the enhanced truth video game will certainly be more unique than typical due to the 25th wedding anniversary of the legend.

Among the major uniqueness that we will certainly see in Pokémon GO Fest 2021 is the arrival of a brand-new element for Pikachu, Ash’& rsquo; s timeless friend and also the most prominent of the saga, which will appear in the wild, so the possibilities of catching it will certainly be very high.

“& ldquo; Comfortably welcome rock star Pikachu to the stage! By selecting it in the unique investigation of GO Feast 2021, they will certainly be able to pay attention to a previously unreleased rock-and-roll track in the game throughout the occasion, ”& rdquo; announced Pokémon GO on its official

Twitter account.

Ad According to the main computer game blog, the Pokémon GO Fest 2021 will certainly be held on July 17 as well as 18. On the very first day of the centerpiece, the application fitness instructors for iphone as well as Android tools will have the possibility to capture Pikachu rock stars.

Likewise, players, that wish to take part in the Pokémon GO Fest 2021 will have to pay $ 5 (equivalent to the currency exchange rate relying on the nation) in the electronic shop of the exact same computer game. As soon as this is done, the individual will access all the advantages of the celebration.

Pokémon GO: validate the arrival of Dark Ho-Oh to the video game

It is a Pokémon GO animal based upon the legendary Fenghuang bird. Here we discuss what you will certainly need to do to capture it.


Battles versus Group GO Rocket have become one of the main attractions of Pokémon GO. For this reason, Niantic has introduced with its official blog that the leader of the villains Giovanni will have in his belongings a new legendary creature.

It has to do with Dark Ho-Oh, a Fire/ Flying-type Pokémon from the Johto region. We can find this creature with Giovanni from Thursday, June 17, 2021, at 12:00 am until Wednesday, September 1, 2021, at 12:00, am (neighborhood time).

In order to catch it, we will have to complete the last special examination of Group GO Rocket, a darkness of seven shades, in order to win a Rocket extremely radar that will assist us track Giovanni and also save the dark Ho-Oh.


Ho-Oh, the phoenix pokémon

It is an animal based on the fabulous Fenghuang bird, which is the phoenix from the eastern, which is why it resembles a peacock. It flies continuously with the skies with its stunning seven-colored wings. His appearance signifies the start of a period of peace between human beings and pokémon.

Save the Dark Zapdos from Giovanni

On the other hand, you should know that all the coaches on the planet still have the chance to catch Zapdos up until Thursday, June 17, 2021, at 12.00 am (local time). To do so, complete the most recent Group GO Rocket Unique Examination The Higher They Fly, and also beat the terrifying Giovanni.

Pokémon GO Fest 2021: disclose the brand-new costume that Pikachu will put on at the event

Pikachu’& rsquo; s outfit is inspired by among the most legendary phases of the animated collection. See how it will certainly check out Pokémon GO Feast 2021.


Pokémon GO Feast 2021 is the most crucial occasion that the increased reality game will get. This celebration will have numerous phases and also one of the main protagonists, as happened in previous versions, will be Pikachu.

The main Pokémon mascot will debut an attire that is motivated by among one of the most famous phases of the anime with the exact same name. Also, it is made use of by Niantic to advertise their following event.

According to the main video game blog, the Pokémon GO Fest 2021 will certainly be held on July 17 and also 18. On the very first day of the main event, the app fitness instructors for iOS and also Android tools will have the opportunity to record Pikachu pop stars.


This version of Ash’& rsquo; s well-known friend in the anime will show up in the wild, so the chances of recording him will be really high. It is exact with this outfit that we see the little yellow rodent in a marketing photo that Niantic shares.

Pop celebrity Pikachu will certainly show up in the wild during the Pokémon GO Feast 2021 event. Picture: Bolavip

In addition to the yellow rodent, Hitmontop, Cranidos, Deino, Ponyta from Galar, and also Zigzagoon foma Galar will also show up in special outfits in the raids on Saturday, July 17. To this is included the unique study of Professor Willow with which you can obtain terrific benefits and record a wide array of creatures that do not typically appear in this region.


Players who want to take part in the Pokémon GO Feast 2021 will have to pay $ 5 (matching to the currency exchange rate depending on the country) in the digital store of the very same video game. As soon as this is done, the person will certainly access all the benefits of the celebration.

Pokémon GO: missions and rewards of the occasion An Exploration in Slow Motion

With this occasion, Pokémon GO players will have the opportunity to capture Slowpoke in Galar type as well as also Mega-Slowbro until June 13.

Niantic began a brand-new occasion in Pokémon GO with one of the continuing to be Galar types. A Slow Movement Discovery is the name of the event that stars Slowpoke, Mega-Slowbro, and lots of other creatures.


As continued reading the internet site of Pokémon GO, the event A Discovery in Slow Activity will be energetic until following Sunday, June 13. Till after that, Trainers will certainly need to finish many missions to access a wide variety of rewards.

A Slow Activity Exploration event quests as well as benefits

Capture 8 Psychic-type Pokémon
An encounter with Slowpoke
Catch 8 water-type Pokémon
An experience with Slowpoke
Provide your partner 3 deals with
An encounter with Gulpin
Develop a Slowpoke
Slowbro Mega Power x20
Develop 3 Slowpoke
An experience with Slowpoke Galar
Advance a Pokémon
Satisfaction Rock x1
Advance a psychic type Pokémon
An encounter with Shellder/ Slowpoke
Win a raid in under 10 minutes
An experience with Slakoth
Win a raid in under one minute
An encounter with Slowpoke Galar All these goals will certainly show up randomly in the poképaradas that you transform throughout your journey. Furthermore, during nowadays, creatures of the psychic and water type will likewise show up a lot more regularly, so we recommend you capture them since it will help you to obtain the experience as well as candies of a particular specimen.

Another detail to state is that Mega-Slowbro is currently appearing in the mega raids of Pokémon GO. To beat him you will require at least the aid of five various other players as well as, if you are lucky, you can satisfy Slowbro shiny.


In the case of Slowpoke Galar, this can be accomplished through the goals that we have just revealed you, in addition to in level 1 raids. You will recognize it due to the fact that it has a yellow area on its head.

Ultimately, if you lack pokéballs, Niantic has positioned in the Pokémon GO save a pack that includes 20 pokéballs, 10 superballs, as well as a Pride Rock. The latter will help you evolve a Slowpoke into Slowking.