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Phantasy Star Online 2: Luster Class Guide (Tips, Tricks, and Strategies)

This gun blade fighter, Luster, works similarly to others of its kind, but must be properly unlocked and leveled in Phantasy Star Online 2.

Luster is one of the four main Scion classes available to players in Phantasy Star Online 2 that just debuted globally. Luster is next to classes like Hero, Phantom, and Étolie. They are even unlocked in the same way.

To unlock any of these four Scion classes, players will need to obtain another two classes up to level 75. Then, the player must go to a Title Guardian and find the To the New Frontier title. This will unlock entrance tests for these classes in a Quest Counter. Just select and complete the Luster class permit test to get started. Once the player has submitted their test permit, they can proceed to a class desk to access the Luster class.

Things to consider when building a Luster class in Phantasy Star Online 2

The class counter is also where the player can select both their main class and subclass, as well as skill trees. and equipment. Luster can be used both as a class and as a subclass, unlike Hero. After activating Luster as the character’s class or subclass, they need to head over to the weapons palette, equip a sword, and then customize their photonic arts. For players who are just starting out and are not sure what location they want their photonic arts in, they should be able to use Smart Photon Arts, which will choose their locations based on how the player fights within this style. However, once a player feels more prepared, they can customize this to their liking, which will probably work better. Players with the Luster class will want to focus on their melee support, range, and technique Mags as they will affect the player’s abilities, as opposed to Dexterity. In particular, Lust Mag converts the attack of any of the equipped melee, scope, and/or technique powers. This means that whichever of the three is at the highest level will count for all attack types. This means players should only invest in one of the three, even if they are unsure whether to stick with that type of attack.

How to build and use the Luster class in Phantasy Star Online 2

The unique aspect of this class is the voltage bar. This bar charges for each hit by the player. Its charge directly increases the player’s damage by .02% and defense by .04% per voltage point. The voltage bar can charge up to 9,999 but its effect is limited to 500. This will increase damage by 10% and defense by 20% at maximum. The voltage will run out after five seconds but will gift the player HP and PP in return.

Elemental Gunblades will affect the type of damage dealt and the character’s playstyle. For a defensive-style pistol blade, use a light or ice pistol blade. For a DPS-style gun blade, use a Dark-type gun bladeor Fire. Lastly, for a faster build that focuses more on dodging, use a Lightning or Air-type sword. Each of these styles has a specific name and special abilities attached to it. The Gunblade Dark / Fire style is called Formel. Formel is a powerful and aggressive attack style that allows players to use Jellen whenever they wish by activating its enhanced attack. Their voltage meter charges faster when they use abilities that are special for this class. Finally, the photon group in this style is a damage-over-time attack.

The light/ice sword style is called Baran. Baran is a very balanced tank. When using photonic arts and normal attacks in this style, the player gains guard frames. Photon Arts will load the voltage of this style of play faster. The photon pool grants a player of this style an additional 25% damage reduction. The style of the Lightning / Wind sword is called Zandi. Zandi is completely focused on speed and AOEs. This style stays fast with faster attacks and crowd control skills. Its voltage charges faster-using motion gear like Flechette. The photon group summons rays as the player attacks. Keeping the attack normal in this style also creates a tornado-like AOE that draws enemies towards the player.

To gain additional experience and Luster skill points, players should speak to the Luster class trainer. Copy is the trainer of the Luster class, unlike other trainers of the class, she will be in her usual position in the Quest Counter. Here the player can accept the three aptitude tests available for the Luster class. Each of these aptitude tests will require the player to defeat three main enemies, each set to an increasing difficulty level. The first is hard, the second is very hard and the third is super hard.

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