Monster Hunter World: how to follow Rajang’s trail and the best tactics to defeat him

Monster Hunter World: how to follow Rajang's trail and the best tactics to defeat him photo 0

We can currently combat versus the Rajang in Beast Hunter World Iceborne many thanks to the visibility of the current upgrade of the game, and then we offer you all the strategies as well as assaults to beat him.

The current upgrade for Monster Hunter World is currently readily available on both PlayStation 4 as well as Xbox One. Among its novelties, we can track, discover and also beat the Rajang, one of the brand-new beasts. It will not be easy for you to eliminate the Rajang in Monster Seeker World, and also for this, we provide you the most effective tactics and abilities to make sure that it is not extremely complicated.

So if you need to know what is the very best means to defeat the Rajang in Beast Hunter World, keep reading since we will inform you regarding his capabilities and some tactics that have been excellent for us to defeat the beast.


Monster Seeker Globe: how to adhere to Rajang’& rsquo; s path and also the very best strategies to defeat him

The Rajang monster is now available through a cost-free upgrade for those who have Beast Hunter World Iceborne, and also we provide you all the details to make sure that you can access this battle as well as defeat it.

First, we begin with a previous basic recap to make sure that you finish all the actions till you encounter this monster:

  • You have to talk to the admiral in Selena
  • Then most likely to the objective board and search for “& ldquo; Sterling Satisfaction. & rdquo; It will certainly require you to have a master rank of 24 or not be able to accessibility this objective.
  • You will need to kill the kirin with the damaged interrupt Frost Creek.
  • When you have actually done this, you must speak to the admiral in Seliana once again.
  • There we already have offered the certain task called “& ldquo; expose on your own, the destroyer.”
  • & rdquo; We can currently face the Rajang.

Preparation for fight against the Rajang

  • Use shield with high defense specifications, particularly against thunder.
  • Give concern to quick tools over the remainder of the heavier weapons. As well as we are mosting likely to require quick strikes to reduce the Rajang.
  • Try to bring skills like shake resistance, health boost, or anything that will certainly stop you from being stunned by their barks.
  • Some cloaks that you could use would be the short-lived, the rocksteady, or the evasion.
  • Some tools that we recommend would certainly be the surprise blade II since it is rather quickly. When it concerns armor, you can try the rearguard mail plus and also others with similar power-ups.

Where the Rajang shows up

The Rajang will certainly show up in all areas of the Guiding Lands and is produced when the level of the volcanic region is extra considerable than 3 or in other areas when the part is more important than four. Notification that the temperate Rajang appears in the volcanic location and has actually gotten to the level of 7.

Rajang skills

  • Spinning attack, where he flexes the top body and also spins it.
  • Cost assault. It would aid if you evaded it anyway.
  • Jump assault, where you will certainly leap vertically ahead, as well as it is easier to evade if you are attentive.
  • Bear hug, which will jump towards us, and also we should attempt to flee.
  • Breath, where it will certainly fire a beam, as well as we can strike it then on its sides.

Tips to defeat the Rajang

  • Don’& rsquo; t be overconfident when he turns his back on you, as he has a wide array of attacking movements when he turns around, as well as he does it quite rapidly.
  • When his arms are packed or hardened, he only strikes his body. Notice that the Rajang’& rsquo; s arms tense as the battle progresses. You have to focus on his body when he has them hardened, or you will certainly not be able to advance in battle.
  • When the rajang has entered damage mode as well as turns golden, you should assault its body considering that the arms are tough to reach, as well as you can take a good blowback.
  • Prevent his combinations: while his attacks are not a large issue, they are even very easy to evade; one of the most substantial problem is that he normally chain a couple of straight. This way, do not trust yourself because it is likely that after an activity, one more will certainly come and afterwards one more.

With this, you currently recognize exactly how to beat the Rajang in Monster Hunter World, with the best weapon arrangements and also discovering their primary strike movements. Do not forget to check our evaluation of this expansion, and if you desire more help with the game, we have other guides offered, such as everything you must do before playing or all the new tools and capacities.

Exactly how to defeat the Stygian Zinogre in Beast Seeker World Iceborne

Monster Hunter Globe Iceborne has been with us for a few months. Since this successful development was released, we have actually gone back to visit the searching grounds to proceed enhancing our abilities with the various combat disciplines.


However, Capcom has released a difficulty that will be hard even for the most specialized seekers. One of one of the most identifiable beasts of the legend has gotten here in Iceborne, and it appears that we have to make it clear who’& rsquo; s boss. We are talking about the Stygian Zinogre, a subspecies of the electrical wolf. In this guide, you will locate every little thing you need to know to defeat the fearful monster.

Exactly how to beat the Stygian Zinogre in Monster Hunter World Iceborne

Zinogre was the first Tusk Wyvern in the collection and also has actually been very popular with the franchise business’& rsquo; s most normal players (Monster Hunter Portable 3rd Front Runner Beast). A beast respected for being a formidable enemy and its Stygian version is a lot more powerful preferably.


We had already seen this variant in other installations, but never ever in the existing generation. The major distinction that exists with its standard variation is using the dragon element. The Stygian Zinogre will certainly utilize this element that triggers Draco Plague, something that will avoid us from causing harmful or elemental damage with our tools. To prevent this transformed state from being applied to us, we can put on the Anti-Drug Mantle that we will certainly manage completing the goal: The King of the food chain. Obviously, wearing Dragon immune shield will aid us much more to end this beast.

Do not count on your own given that this subspecies consists of different activities. In combat, it has 2 differences with the timeless Zinogre, the power orbs that it launches act in different ways than the common rays of this monster as well as are much more unforeseeable. On the other hand, the Stygian Zinogre can incorporate various strikes much faster, making it much more hazardous.

You need to introduce your assaults (much better with Rumbling essential damages) when the Stygian Zinogre charges its power given that there will certainly be much more vulnerable. If you can discover the regimens of this beast, you can be successful.


As always, correct preparation will assure your success in Monster Seeker. We remind you that Beast Seeker Globe: Iceborne is readily available for PS4 as well as Xbox One.

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