How to Delete Pokemon Save Data on Nintendo Switch

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If you want to start over with a game, you can learn how to delete Pokemon save data on Nintendo Switch. This process can be performed for any game, including Pokemon Sword and Shield. When you delete a save, the game will prompt you that it cannot be recovered. You must agree to the deletion before proceeding. To do this, press the right Joy-Con. Once you do, open the main menu and choose Pokemon Sword or Shield.

You can also delete the save data from Pokemon Shining Pearl and Brilliant Diamond. Then, you should close the software. You can do this by pressing the X button and then choosing Close Software. You can also select the X button in the software. If you accidentally left any game data, you can delete them again by hitting X.

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When starting a Pokemon game, players must make a lot of permanent choices. These include the choice of their character’s gender and the name of their rival. If you’ve made mistakes while playing a game, you can undo these decisions by deleting the game save data. This can help you start a new game and start fresh.

Another option for deleting a game save is to go to the game’s home page. The game’s settings page will have a menu that will allow you to choose the type of save you want to delete. If you want to delete your Pokemon Sword and Shield save, you’ll need to do it separately.

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If you’d like to permanently delete a save file, you can do so by choosing the option of “permanently wiping” it. There are also ways to delete a game’s save in the game, but these are more difficult. However, if you’re determined to save your game, you can delete your game save file by following a few steps.

To delete your Pokemon Legends save data, you need to format your Nintendo Switch before you can start over. To do this, you need to select “Delete Save Data.” A warning will be displayed to let you know that this action will delete your save data, so you should be sure to back up your save file before you proceed.

If you’re looking to delete your Pokemon game save data, deleting it will free up space on the Nintendo Switch. This will also remove your progress in the game. However, make sure to backup your Nintendo Switch before you delete it. That way, you can avoid losing all your hard work.

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