How to Start Dragonborn DLC

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When you start Dragonborn, you will be given the quest line High Horothgar. During this quest, you will be attacked by a cult, which you have to fight. If you do not wish to face these dragons, you can continue playing the game without playing the Dragonborn DLC. However, it is recommended to play the game before beginning the quest line, so that you can discover the world first before battling the dragons.

While the main campaign of Dragonborn is a short one, you should not overlook the optional DLC. This add-on will stretch your gameplay time to up to 15-20 hours, depending on what you choose. Despite their relatively short length, these side quests are not too difficult to complete, and they tend to focus on collecting Black Books – the most valuable secrets in the game.

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Once you have completed this quest, you’ll have the necessary materials to start the Dragonborn DLC. After this, you’ll be able to start the main storyline quest, the “Horn of Jurgen Windcaller”. This quest is in Windhelm, a city north of Skyrim. Be cautious when entering the town, however, as you may encounter cultists.

The Dragonborn expansion is the third major expansion for the Skyrim game. This DLC adds new locations and quests to the game. The plot is all about stopping the person who is controlling the population of Solstheim. There are some hidden areas in the DLC that you won’t find during the first playthrough.

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The storyline of Dragonborn is also more interesting than the previous DLC – it features two distinct cultures and a side trip to the Apocrypha. The villain in this game is called Miraak, and he has the ability to bend the will of mortals and steal their souls.

There are two major ways to start the DLC. First, you can find the Gjalund in Windhelm. He’ll be able to give you more supplies. He’ll also give you the opportunity to speak with Mogrul, a native Orc in Raven Rock. After speaking with him, you can proceed to the temple. In this way, you can skip the Earth Stone and talk with another Orc. This quest does not affect the main questline, but it will provide you with additional information about the history of Morrowind.

Another way to get more DLC in Dragonborn is to start the Dawnguard. This DLC is separate from the main game, but it will add new abilities and armaments to your characters. You can also travel between Raven Rock and Windhelm without having to start the main questline.

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