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How to Play Call of Duty with a mobile controller?

Call of duty mobile controller is another burning addition that was released last year. If you’re a crazy call of duty gamer, you might be wanting some super handy and comfortable controller to make gaming more fun. With this super convenient mobile controller, you’ll get to use it both with your android and ISO. Because of the versatility, COD owns another level of popularity now.

Players can expect some extraordinary features from the Call of duty mobile controller. As a beginner, you might be wondering how to play COD with a portable controller. No worries, this article will explain some vital facts to understand the features of call of duty mobile controllers.

Can I play Call of Duty Mobile with a controller?

A few years back, playing COD mobile with a controller was just a dream for gamers. With a few updates and innovations since the last year, COD mobile made it happen. You can play the multiplayer match and battle royale with this control Though if you want to change the menu/ settings, you would need to use the mobile screen. 

The more interesting thing here would be versatility. COD made the portable multiplayer version that allows gamers to use it both on android and IOS. Last year, the Timi studios launched this easy-to-carry solution. Also, the controller has customizable settings. So, gamers with two-finger drags can set the entire COD gameplay. 

To experience the call of duty with a mobile controller, get your favorite and official controller. COD mobile controllers are officially developed, so there is no issue of getting banned. Following some easy steps, anyone can enjoy their favorite game with a controller. 

How do you connect a controller to Call of Duty Mobile?

As a beginner, you must be having so much confusion about the features and settings of the call of duty mobile controller. Fortunately, the settings have been built with super handy steps. NOw worldwide gamers are playing COD with two-finger drags and this controller.

If you’re wondering how to connect a controller to a call of duty mobile, get a quick check here:

  • Go to the call of duty mobile settings
  • Enter in the controller section, enable the first toggle to use the COD portable controller.
  • Connect the controller with your device by simply clicking the “connect” button. 

These are basically simple and quick steps to connect a controller to COD mobile. You can also verify the connection status. For verification, you can try to get access through an external device. Also, this same method is applicable both for wired and Bluetooth-connected devices. 

Can I play Call of Duty Mobile with a PS4 controller?

Interestingly, now it’s effortless to play Call of Duty with the PS4 mobile controller. All you need to do is start by connecting your device with the ps4 controller. The PS4 controller is officially supported for call of duty mobile games. 

For that, you can enter settings and press “pair new device.” This is as simple as connecting a speaker with your mobile/ computer. You’ll get a list of devices to pair and click the device you aim to. 

COD mobile controllers have arrived with super user-friendly methods. So, players will not be required to apply any rocket science to understand the controlling system. For better understanding, you can also watch some tutorial videos

Besides, COD, Dualshock 4 PlayStation 4, and Xbox One controllers are also accepted. The versatility has raised the gaming sensation more now. 

Is Cod mobile better with a controller?

Call of duty was always a trendy game to play worldwide. With the controller, this gaming has reached another level of popularity now. Before, only people with pS4, computers could get to use this controller. As a blessing for the gamers, now COD mobile controller is launched as well as a worldwide sensation. 

COD is undoubtedly a thousand times much better with a controller. With the button pressing system, it will make the gamers feel more natural. The gamers are more likely to own the entire power to the two fingers.  

Here easy movement, settings, and flexibility will make gaming more fun. Gamers will get both wired and Bluetooth-connected devices. Also, here are several officially accepted mobile controllers to use. Just pick your favorite one and make COD mobile more fun for you.


Playing their favorite game with a super comfortable controller is not less than a fascination for gamers. The fascinating imagination has come true now. Last year players got some official mobile controller allowance with exotic features. Call of duty mobile controller will now bring a more realistic feel to the gamers. With some easy go-to steps, anyone can connect a mobile controller with their mobile device. If you have not tried this new addition, it’s absolutely time to give it a shot.


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