How to get the Talisman of Xeric in OSRS

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The Talisman of Xeric is a teleportation charm that can be gotten by eliminating Lizardmen or by looting rock chests in Molch. The Talisman of Xeric (inert) is brought by Lizardmen Fangs to teleport to 5 places in Zeah.

As the Amulet of Xeric (Inert) is non-transferable, each account has to collect one for itself.

Extra Xeric Talismans can be disassembled right into 100 Lizardman fangs to work as added teleportation fees.

Kill lizardmen in the lizardman cannon (reduced fight technique)

This method is beneficial for low-level accounts that desire to get the Xeric Amulet as early as feasible in their account development.

I would recommend being at the very least level 40 to attempt this approach.

After achieving 5% of Shayzien’& rsquo; s favor by recovery injured soldiers at Shayzien’& rsquo; s Camp or with methods such as mission benefits, you obtain the capability to kill Lizardmen in the Lizardmen Canyon.

The Lizardmen and Brute Lizardmen (levels 53-75) located in the Lizardmen Cannon go down the talisman at a rate of 1/250, or 1/125 if the Kourend & & Kebos Easy Journal is total.

The ideal farming approach is to “& ldquo; tag & rdquo;the Lizardmen in fight with Shayzien’& rsquo; s soldiers as well as have them bring the damage for you. As the Lizardman Cannon is a multiple battle zone, numerous soldiers can involve the Lizardmen to rapidly eliminate them. Dealing simply 1 damages to these Lizardmen entitles you to their autumn, as damages dealt by Shayzien’& rsquo; s soldiers is thought about neutral damage.

On the contrary, several Lizardmen can attack you at the exact same time, so be aware of the damages you are taking!

Prevent dealing with Lizardmen who are not in fight with the Shayzien Soldiers –– their strikes can toxin you! I suggest that you bring a great deal of food and a number of remedies.

The optimal technique right here is to “& ldquo; tag & rdquo; numerous Lizardmen that are involved to the Shayzien Soldiers at the very same time to obtain as many declines as feasible.

He can take substantial damages from hostile Lizardmen, so take care not to obtain attacked by a lot of at the same time.

Utilizing varied or mage attack styles has the benefit of “& ldquo; tagging & rdquo; the Lizardmen from a distance, quickening the “& ldquo; labeling &

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rdquo; procedure. Ironmen, bear in mind to accumulate the Lizardman Fang goes down too, as they are “& ldquo; one teleportation & rdquo; each!

Nonetheless, if your degree is low sufficient that you can’& rsquo; t manage this & ldquo; identifying & rdquo; approach, you can identify one Lizardman at a time near the ladder leading out of Lizardman Canyon.

Kill the Lizardman witch doctors in the Lizardman Holy Place under Molch (High Fight Technique)

Lizardman Shamans go down the Talisman of Xeric (inert) at a rate of 1/250, or 1/125 when completing the Easy Journal of Kourend as well as Kebos.

Along with going down the Talisman of Xeric (inert), they usually go down 10 to 14 lizardman fangs at a time, which can be utilized to bring the talisman.

Furthermore, they additionally drop the Dragon Warhammer at a rate of 1/5000, a weapon that is important for late-game manager content.

To eliminate Lizardmen Shamans with any type of comfort degree as well as uniformity, there is a minimum demand to get Shayzien Armor (Degree 5).

To obtain this armor, you require to have 100% Shayzien support and also complete Shayzien’& rsquo; s fight ring. To be clear: Shayzien Shield shields versus the lizardmen’& rsquo; s poison attack and supplies full immunity to assault while using the full collection of Shayzien Armor (Degree 5).

Not using this armor to eliminate lizardman medicine men would reveal you to consistent and inescapable damage.

Ranging Lizardman Shamans is the most effective approach to kill them.

And the harmful blowgun is the very best tool to kill them, however a rune weapon, magic brief bow, or crystal bow will certainly work also.

I suggest contending the very least level 60 varied to follow this method.

Although you have complete immunity to the poison spewing attack with this shield, you can still be infected.

I advise bringing an Antidote ++ (4) along with your Ranking Potions, Prayer Remedies, and Food.

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By completing the Kourend & & Kebos Journal and also speaking to Captain Cleive, an Assassin Helmet can be used to replace the Shayzien Headgear (5 ). You can open the capacity to be appointed Lizardman tasks by checking out the Assassin Rewards section via a Master Assassin.

To swiftly discover how to eliminate medicine men, just remember the following:

  • Use missile defense to nullify varied attack damages.
  • Stand greater than one rectify from the shaman to stay clear of the high-damage melee attack.
  • Put on the Shayzien armor so you don’& rsquo; t have to fret about acid spit.
  • After the medicine man leaps, relocate to a place at least 4 tiles away, to be secure. Yet wear’& rsquo; t run greater than necessary, as you will certainly run out of power!
  • Assault the medicine man while taking off from the purple generates as finest you can.

Loot stone upper bodies in Molch (burglary technique)

Stone Upper bodies require level 64 draw to be robbed.

Each successful burglar produces 280 break-in experiences, together with a variety of product rewards.

Amongst these rewards, Stone Chests drop the Talisman of Xeric (inert) at a speed of 1/300.

Keep in mind: The rogue equipment collection does not deal with rock chests. Likewise, unlike the other sources of the Talisman of Xeric, Kourend as well as Kebos’& rsquo; s Easy Journal completion does not affect the drop price of rock breasts.

Rock chests can be located under Molch in the Lizardman Holy place, near the Lizardman Shamans.

The other loots besides the Talisman of Xeric are mainly useless.

Nevertheless, remarkable drops that are worth your time include Lizardman Fangs, Medium Track Rolls, Rare Screw Tips, and Rare Herb Seeds.

If you have a bag of gems and also a box of seeds, this would certainly be a great use for gathering resources.

For an added crafting experience, consider bringing a chisel to cut looted gems from the breast.

By stopping working to steal an upper body, there is a 1/8 chance of being teleported out of the Lizardman Temple to the facility of Molch.

This can not be stayed clear of, but you can bring a pick to boost your opportunities of success.

If they teleport you, simply run back to the stone breasts as well as continue swiping.

It is possible that the Lizardmen around Molch will certainly attack you on your way back to the rock chests, so bear in mind to bring some antipodes as well as some food.

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