How to get Noy Guado in FFX (Blitzball location)

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Noy Guado lives at the Guadosalam Inn as well as can be recruited right into your team for 50 gil per video game.

It is available to hire as quickly as you show up in Guadosalam.

At first, Noy belongs to the Guado Glories blitzball team. In his team he plays protection, yet his data make him better matched for objective.

It likewise comes requirement with a lots of goalkeeper-oriented modern technologies like Hold Hand protections and Super Goalkeeper.

In addition to, he’& rsquo; s additionally among the most affordable players to recruit, coming on board for much less than a hundred gil per video game.

Unfortunately, you obtain what you pay for.

Noy Guado is absolutely nothing better than being excellent as a goalkeeper, as well as bad enough for every little thing else.

Its reduced AT, and BL make it feel like wet paper on the area (makes you ask yourself why the Glories didn’& rsquo; t just keep it on the bench). And also his Goalkeeper, CA and also BL statistics aren’& rsquo; t anything unique, either.

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Noy isn’& rsquo; t even midway there contrasted to all of his free-agent choices.

Is Noy Guado worth it?

Currently. He’& rsquo; s stingy, for sure. However, for just 80 Gil more you can obtain Wedge in Luca, which will certainly be offered earlier and also is far better in regards to data and innovation.

Noy Guado is, for absence of a much better term, filler.

He is right here to raise the number of recruitable players in Spira as well as absolutely nothing more.

Allow the Guado Glories have it, since it actually doesn’& rsquo; t fit quite possibly with any group actually looking to win competitions and champions.

FFX: Durren’& rsquo; s Area & Blitzball Statistics Overview Durren is a

recruitable blitzball gamer who can be discovered alongside where the Rusty Sword is located, in the very same location as the entrance to Stolen Fayth’& rsquo; s Cave. It costs 400 gil per game to sign on your group.

And also it is very important to keep in mind that Durren is the only blitzball player that can be lost in the video game as well as goes away as soon as you go into the last dungeon.

So if you desire this person to bet the Aurochs, you better sign him early.

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Durren is also a Crusader in FFX, he simply enjoys blitzing the side.

You’& rsquo; ll find him experimenting his sword near the entryway to Stolen Fayth’& rsquo; s Cavern, and he & rsquo; s more than happy to authorize with the Uros.

Sadly, he doesn’& rsquo; t bring his sword with him while striking.

However when it pertains to statistics, Durren is a really intermediate blitzball gamer.

He excels as a goalkeeper only at low to medium degrees and then turns into one of the most awful blitzers in Spira. At higher degrees, his stats are easily defeated by nearly any type of various other player in the world.

I think his heart will always absolutely belong to being a crusader, possibly that’& rsquo; s why he never completely dedicated himself to the sporting activity.

Is Durren worth getting?

No.Even when you come to Tranquility Lands to recruit him, there are far better alternatives for goalkeepers as well as really just far better recruitable gamers generally.

Durren is great if you don’& rsquo; t have any individual else.

However let’& rsquo; s be truthful: there is somebody else, a great deal of them.

Additionally, Durren ends up being un-recruitable after you go into the last dungeon (for reasons unidentified, he simply vanishes from his area), which truly strengthens his setting as one of one of the most forgettable blitzball gamers in the video game.

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