How to get a crystal bow in OSRS

A crystal bow is a possible reward for completing the Roaming Elves quest.

Additionally, a new Crystal Bow can be purchased in Islwyn for a static price of 900,000 coins.

Ilfeen, isolated in the depths of Isafdar, can also be paid to re-enchant crystal weapon seeds in crystal bows. The price this costs is initially 900,000 coins, dropping linearly to 180k permanently with the fifth seed re-enchanted.

Where is Islwyn? (Buy new)

Islwyn can be found traveling with Eluned, south of Lletya’s western entrance.

Upon completing Song of the Elves, Islwyn will move to reside in southeast Prifddinas, near the bank.

After Song of the Elves, a uniform scout will replace Islwyn and Eluned at the previous location and will be functionally identical to purchase Crystal Bows.

No matter the state of your quest, it will cost you 900k coins to purchase a Crystal Bow this way.

If Islwyn or her elf scout replacement isn’t there, just jump across the world to find her.

At the end of Song of the Elves, Ilfeen will move to live west of Prifddinas, near the portal of the house.

After Song of the Elves, an elf scout will replace Ilfeen at the previous location and will be functionally identical to re-enchant Crystal Bows.

If Ilfeen or her elf scout replacement isn’t there, just jump across the world to find her.

Uses of Crystal Bow in OSRS

A crystal bow requires level 50 agility and 70 range to equip, and serves as a highly accurate charge-based item that requires no ammo.

The crystal bow holds 2500 shots and will revert to a crystal weapon seed after reaching the firing limit.

From there it can be enchanted back into Ilfeen to create a new one.

This is a 5 tick strike weapon so it is one tick faster than a crossbow and one tick slower than a scimitar, for reference.

Overall, this is a pretty decent weapon, but it is used infrequently due to the load requirements and slow attack speed.

The best part of this weapon is its long attack range (10 squares) and its high accuracy (+100).

Note: A crystal bow is required to complete the Western Hard Provinces journal, as well as a Master Emote Clue step and a Falo the Bard step.

Using the Crystal Armor Set

Upon the creation and equipping of the Crystal Armor Set (Crystal Body, Crystal Helmet, Crystal Legs) by the player, the Crystal Bow increases PVM viability due to set effects.

When equipping the Crystal Armor Set, the Crystal Bow receives an additional 15% damage increase and a 30% accuracy bonus.

Common Uses for this set are Abyssal Sire, Zulrah, and more.

Since the Bow of Faerdhinen is simply a better alternative to the Crystal Bow that benefits from the same set effect, consider using it instead.

Where is Ilfeen? (Re-enchant Crystal Weapon Seeds)

Ilfeen is located west of Lletya on Isafdar.

And since you must cross obstacles and agility traps to get to it, you need at least level 56 agility to navigate to it.

To receive a Crystal Bow from Ilfeen, you must provide a Crystal Weapon Seed and 900,000 coins.

However, this price will drop from 900,000 → 720,000 → 540,000 → 360,000 → 180,000 coins after five re-enchantments, stabilizing at a price of 180,000 coins thereafter.

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