PS4 Controller: How to choose the best one for you in 2020?

PS4 Controller: How to choose the best one for you in 2020? photo 0

Today we’& rsquo; re going to discuss an essential item for PlayStation gamers: the PS4 controller! Without it, it is not possible to perform one of the most fundamental commands. So it is an accessory that can not be missed.

When acquiring the console, a control device is normally currently included. However, to enhance your experience and have fun with even more people, having at least two controls is interesting.

In this Buying Overview you will certainly learn a bit extra about the PlayStation 4 controller, in addition to recognizing some models, knowing how much they cost, where to get it and exactly how to utilize it, along with advantages the major acquisition standards.

First, the most vital

  • Buying a controller for PlayStation 4 requires some care, such as verifying that it is original, that it collaborates with and also without cords, in addition to the quality of the product.
  • It is additionally crucial to pay attention to the style of the accessory, as different designs might have different buttons and also features, for instance.
  • The control is marketed on numerous websites, so it is essential to do a great study to make the purchase at a relied on store. Keep in mind that the item is initial and follows the features defined.
  • Finally, Sony’& rsquo; s PS4 controller does not differ much in rate– they have different worths ​​​ ​ depending upon the shade and also if it is a special edition.

The 2 ideal controller versions for PS4

In the adhering to, we will certainly introduce a couple of various versions of the PlayStation4 controller so you can buy safely as well as with confidence.

Revolution Pro Controller PS4 White by Nacon

Developed and developed with professional eSports gamers, the Transformation Pro Controller will take competitions of this kind to one more degree.

Fully customizable as well as with great accuracy, the control supplies individuals the possibility to configure it for every game in order to be extra efficient in competitors.

It has a touchpad and also P2 earphone jack, is comfortable in the hands, immune and sturdy for lengthy hours of competitions.

DualShock Wireless PS4 Control

This black PS4 controller includes an extremely delicate six-axis sensing unit and touchpad situated on top of the outer, which supplies players completely new ways of playing and also engaging.

The brand-new share button provides video streaming and also showing to simply one touch as well as the four tinted LEDs supply a simpler method to determine gamers.

Buying Guide

Selecting games, performing commands and selecting settings on a PlayStation 4 is just feasible via a controller. For this reason, this is a crucial thing and also there are various brands as well as versions on the marketplace.

PS4 Controller: How to choose the best one for you in 2020? photo 1

To recognize a little more, in this Buying Overview you will certainly discover information concerning the different controls for PS4, along with knowing the main benefits as well as drawbacks, understanding the cost range and also where to acquire it.

Controller for Playstation 4: What is it?

To play any kind of sort of game, you need some tools: a computer game console or a PC, a television or a monitor, some accessories, such as a mouse as well as key-board, and also the control, which is essential.

The PlayStation controller is an essential product, because it has the function of executing the necessary commands to play.

What are the advantages of the PS4 controller?

The highlight of a PlayStation controller is clearly to control and also perform the controls of the video game and also video games.

  • Without it, it is not feasible to select the settings and not also the video game to be played.
  • However, there are various other information –– advantageous as well as unfavorable –– to note. One is whether the control has a cord.
  • Among the benefits of the initial Sony control is being cordless, having only one wire to bill the battery.

Are non-Sony controls original?

To play any type of computer game it is needed to make use of a controller. He routes the arrow, executes the commands and also selects all options.

Each console has its own control. Nevertheless, there are brand names that sell accessories aside from Sony (PlayStation 4 manufacturer) which work with the computer game.

How much?

Sony’& rsquo; s PS4’controls wear & rsquo; t differ a lot in price ​​. The different values ​ ​ belong to the shades of the outer as well as if it is of a scandal sheet, for instance.

Yet there are models from various other brands that are both extra expensive as well as less expensive than the original for PlayStation 4.

In this guide we offer items that cost between $25 and $ 240. We want to offer different cost choices and brands to be able to fulfill various tastes, requirements and also budget plans.

Where to purchase?

Controls for PS4 can be acquired both on the net and also in physical shops. If you make a decision for the most practical method, which is to get online, numerous stores, such as Amazon.

PS4 Controller: How to choose the best one for you in 2020? photo 0

Purchasing criteria: Aspects for comparing PS4 control models

To make the most effective acquisition of a PS4 controller, you can take note of some vital criteria.

We have assembled the list below to make sure that you can make the best selection –– within your needs and also pocket –– of the device. Check it out listed below:

  • Version
  • Shade
  • Product quality
  • Brand name
  • Wired or cordless

Listed below, we will discuss thoroughly each requirement, with what need to be observed in each of the factors to be thought about when purchasing your optimal Playstation 4 controller.


The original Sony controller, which is consisted of with PlayStaion 4, has an ergonomic and also comfortable style, is wider than previous versions and also has bigger takes care of.

It additionally has the 4 primary switches –– square, triangle, sphere and cross –– along with triggers L2 and R2, switches L1 and also R1, instructions switches, choices and also control switches.


Along with the traditional black PS4 controller, which includes the item, the brand name’& rsquo; s own device is likewise offered in different shades. White, camouflaged, lead, blue, red, gold are some of the alternatives offered on the market.

Product top quality

Every person understands the quality of the original control product. Durable and heavier than the PlayStation 3 variation, it has a longevity of years, although it can encounter some little troubles gradually, such as fractures or rubber wear.


The brand can be directly connected to the top quality of the material. In addition to Sony’& rsquo; s regulate, devices from various other brand names are offered that work with the PlayStation 4.

There are distinguished video game brand names that create wonderful controls as well as various other gaming accessories that are great choices for any individual aiming to have a controller that is not the very same brand name as the PS4.

Wired or wireless

The visibility or lack of a cable in the controller can make a distinction in the pc gaming experience. Wired devices end up limiting the player a little, either in their commands or motions.

However, since they are straight connected to the console, they have a much faster feedback time, being intriguing for those extra affordable gamers and for even more agitated suits.

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