Free Fire Battlegrounds: 15 “pro” tips and tricks to win games

Free Fire Battlegrounds: 15 pro tips and tricks to win games image 0

Below we show you a series of pro tips to win video games in Free Fire Battlegrounds, a mobile title with which you can live a PUBG experience but developed extra for the general customer market.

If you like battle royale titles with warlike overtones, surely you have ever delighted in Free Fire Battlefields, a title that likewise needs a multitude of techniques to win video games. As in all battle royales on the market, it is difficult to be the last standing in Free Fire Battlegrounds, as well as for this, we are going to provide you some techniques that will come in useful.

So via the following pro methods to win games in Free Fire Battlegrounds you will have far more possibilities to get to the last minutes of the fight and also surprise your rivals. There is a whole lot to discover, so put on’& rsquo; t waste any kind of

even more time.

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Leave the airplane first

If you wish to introduce the initial from the plane, you can do it as soon as the timing gets to 3:35, this will enable you to be among the first to fall on the map and also therefore get the best resources.

The parachute opens on its own

When you have actually introduced do not be afraid to collapse into the ground since it is not possible, since the parachute will certainly open just as quickly as you are close. So we advise you never to open it on your own so as not to waste time touchdown.

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You can recover yourself in an automobile

Numerous individuals do not know that they can recover inside an automobile. This is extremely easy to do because you only need to press the recover switch and after that open the stock.

How to shoot far better

At long array, the most effective gamers usually take just one or more shots, however just when they are completely secure. At close range, they usually do not exceed 3 or four shots. When you fulfill this number of shots you will get on the same degree as the experts.

Be cautious of shooting crazy

Via the map, other customers can know if you remain in a location if you have formerly discharged. Every single time you cause notifies of your setting and also various other customers will have the ability to uncover you.


Relocate without quiting

When you are trying to find sources constantly be relocating, this will certainly prevent others from firing you from afar. Whenever you move around the map you ought to attempt to alter activities so as not to make it simple for them to strike you from a range.

Don’& rsquo; t waste ammo If you have an opponent on the ground and you are low on ammo, wear’& rsquo; t waste bullets. You can use any other kind of weapon, such as a grenade, to complete removing it.

Pomegranates are very important

In addition to saving ammunition, we can additionally utilize grenades when an opponent is concealing in a building or in a tree.

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Make use of the jump to pass through the water

If you are going through the water the personality will certainly lower his speed, however if you are making successive dives you will go much faster.

You can run faster

Although for this you must go entirely unarmed, which can be a danger.

See where the remainder of the opponents land

It is extremely vital that at the beginning of the video game you always observe where the rest of the opponents are landing to attempt to avoid their areas as well as therefore be able to obtain the sources where you fall.


Constantly ambush from the left side

Because of the video camera design, you ought to always hide when you want to ambush on the left side, so you can perfectly see the arrival of the competitors.

Conceal where you can

In addition to trees, brush or structures, you can likewise conceal between the wheels of big lorries.

Gather mushrooms

It is a kind of healing, yet it can likewise reveal you to enemy strikes, so check out you first.


Don’& rsquo; t come under ambushes

If you think you are in a location that has actually been robbed before, it is most likely that you have a competing hidden in a structure in the location.

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