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FFV: Best Magic Spells Worth Learning

I will always die on the hill where Final Fantasy V has the best working system in the series. It allows you to customize your party on the go without any penalty and offers an almost unlimited amount of possibilities.

If you ever fight a boss, you can simply switch your current party’s jobs to try again. It allows you to adapt to any situation and makes each game feel totally different.

There are 26 jobs in total in FFV, and many of them allow you to learn magic spells.

However, you don’t actually learn the spells by leveling up the job, you simply gain the ability to cast those spells. In many of the early FF games, you bought these spells or found them as a treasure, and FFV is no different.

So which ones are worth tracking down? For this ranking, I will share some of the best magic spells for each job in FFV, and where you can find them.

White magic

Your white magician has a job: to keep your party alive and healthy.

And these are some of the best spells in the White Magic family.

Curaga (Cure3)

This will be your White Mage’s main healing spell towards the end of the game.

A cast of this will heal your party for a large amount of HP and unless your party is at full health, you will find yourself casting this every turn.

Curaga also deals damage to undead enemies. So throwing this at a group of the undead will decimate them.

Don’t let your White Mage leave home without it!

Curaga can be purchased from Moore.


If for some reason your Curaga spam is not preventing your group members from being KO, then you will want to send this to them ASAP.

Not only will it revive them, but it will also bring them back to their full HP.

Stand Up will also instantly kill undead enemies, allowing your white mage to occasionally go on the offensive.

Arise can be purchased from Phantom Village.


As the name implies, this is a sacred elemental magic spell.

For the meager 20 MP, your White Mage can do some serious damage. And if you ever have a free turn where no healing is required, firing a burst of Holy offers great offensive support for the rest of your party.

You can get Holy by defeating Minotaur in Fork Tower. It will try to cast it as its final attack, but it will fail due to its lack of MP (oops).

Black magic

Acting as the natural opposite of the White Wizard, Black Wizards exist simply to deal as much magic damage as possible per turn.

Sadly, they lose much of their effectiveness late in the game, but they still have their uses.

Firaga / Blizzaga / Thundaga (Fire3 / Ice3 / Bolt3)

This may seem like a trap, but honestly, the entire list of Level 5 Black Magic spells is the bulk of your Black Magician’s offensive output.

There aren’t many better methods of dealing massive amounts of damage to single-target enemies that have an elemental weakness.

You can buy all three at Moore.


Break is a super effective way to deal with strong random mobs, especially in World 2.

It inflicts petrification and is a cheap way to take out enemies instantly, although it loses its effectiveness considerably later in the game due to enemy resistances.

Break can be purchased from Regole, Castle of Bal, Quelb, and Castle Surgate.


Flare is the strongest spell in the Black Mage, and the only downside is that since it isn’t elemental, it can’t take advantage of elemental weakness.

However, it is still incredibly strong and will deal a lot of damage to any enemy that does not have high magic resistance.

You can get Flare by defeating Omniscient in Fork Tower.

Time magic

Time mages have the power to control time in various ways, offering both supportive and offensive capabilities.

And if you’re playing with time magic in FFV, here are some spells worth tracking down.

Teleport (Exit, Telepo)

Teleport has several uses in FFV.

When used in battle, it acts as an instant escape, and when used in a dungeon, it returns you to the world map.

Final Fantasy V doesn’t really have a lot of annoying dungeons. But this definitely saves time if you ever need to get out quick.

It can be purchased at Phantom Village or found at Castle Bal.

Hastega (Haste2)

Once you obtain this spell, you will find yourself using it at the beginning of every boss encounter.

Grants Haste to your entire party, instantly giving you a speed advantage.

It only costs 15 MP as well, so if you ever dissipate, it’s pretty cheap to reapply the buff.

Hastega is bought from Moore.


When this spell is cast, it allows the caster to have 2 uninterrupted turns.

You can use these turns to set up protective enhancements or offensive spam magic.

The best use for this spell is when used as a Mime.

You can pair Dualcast and Quick together to perform 5 attacks at once, and with the right skills, you can trivialize many of the game’s bosses.

Quick can be purchased at Phantom Village.

Calls / Announcements

Arguably, FFV is where the summons shines the most in this series.

Many of them are useful and some of them offer the strongest AOE attacks in the game.

This was probably the hardest list to narrow down, as at least half of them are useful.

Also, note that all but 2 calls are completely optional.


Golem can be recruited quite early in the game and will remain useful until the end of the game as it offers an incredible amount of support to your party and can win many battles on its own.

When used, Golem will act as a shield against all physical damage.

The amount you cancel is based on your level. But honestly, there’s nothing stopping you from spamming over and over again to make fun of most boss battles.

Golem is a random encounter in Drakenvale and will be recruited if you defeat the 2 enemies it spawns with. It can also be found in the Rift if you missed it the first time.

Phoenix (Phenix)

Hands down the best defensive summon, not just in FFV, but in whatever game it appears in.

When you launch Phoenix in battle, it will deal fire damage to all enemies AND revive one of your party members KO to their full HP.

It is a bit expensive to use MP, but considering that there are so many ways to restore MP in FFV, this disadvantage is practically negligible.

Rewarded for completing the tricky Phoenix Tower.

Bahamut (Bahmut)

Bahamut is one of the staples of the FF series and is one of the most powerful attacks you can perform.

And thankfully that is no different in FFV.

Bahamut is a non-elemental AOE invocation that is powerful enough on its own.

Once you start to Dualcast and Mime-chain it, honestly, every boss in the game turns into a punching bag.

To obtain this powerful invocation you must defeat him in North Mountain. He’s one of the toughest bosses in the game, but the payoff is too great to pass up.

Sword magic

The magic of the sword in FFV is one of the best-kept secrets in the game.

Although it essentially looks like you’re attacking with a basic item or status effect, the result is usually much more than that.

The late-game Sword Magic has to be one of the best attacks in the game.

These spells can be used as long as Sword Mage’s work is a high enough level and if you already have the spell in your inventory.

Firaga / Blizzaga / Thundaga / Holy / Bio (Fire3 / Ice3 / Bolt3)

I’m grouping them together, as although the effects are different, the damage multipliers are the same.

When used against heavy enemies (most bosses), if they are weak to the element, they will take 4 times the damage and the attack will ignore the defense.

When used against non-heavy enemies, if they are weak to the element, the attack will kill them completely.

To drain

This is great for giving you a way to restore MP each turn and deal damage at the same time.

Be careful though, as if you hit an undead enemy, the effect is reversed and you will heal it at the expense of your own HP.


In my opinion, the effects of Flare Blade greatly outshine those of the base spell.

Using this doesn’t offer an elemental bonus, but adds 100 to your attack and will ignore 75% of the target’s defense.

You can make the most of this attack with a combination of double wielding and rapid-fire.

This gives you 8 attacks with a strong attack bonus and significant defense piercing.

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