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Warzone: How to get the Swiss K31 sniper rifle

Thanks to the roadmap of season 3 of Warzone and Black Ops Cold War, we already know what we have to do to unlock this new sniper rifle, which will be available through the battle pass.

It seems incredible that the map will go back to the eighties because the new weapons of season 3 of Warzone and Black Ops Cold War are oriented to World War II, which leaves us clues about the announcement that will be made in Season 4 of Call of Duty Vanguard, as indicated by various rumors.
In any case, the current season 3 will begin in April, and, together with the PPSH-41, we will have the Swiss K31 rifle available to unlock. This long-range rifle can put the Kar98K on the ropes since its operation is very similar and both weapons come from the same era. We will not need to perform any type of challenge to achieve it, but it will be necessary to go through the checkout to buy the battle pass of season 3, so in that sense, it will be better if you save a few CoD Points.
Below we detail the unlocking process for this new weapon.

How to get the Swiss K31 sniper rifle

Reach level 31 of the Battle Pass

As with the PPSH-41, it is a straightforward process because all we have to do is level up the battle pass. It may cost a little more in Black Ops Cold War, but in Warzone, it is very easy due to the higher doses of experience we receive. Besides, we have many more elements to obtain points, such as opening boxes, making contracts, many challenges available, etc.
This sniper may be the competition the Kar98K needs to get off the mark for good. We don’t know exactly how it will work, but it’s clear that it has to be another WWII long-range rifle that turns the world of Kar upside down.

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