Build and use Redstone repeaters in Minecraft

Redstone repeaters in Minecraft

We tell you exactly how to make a Redstone repeater in Minecraft, and its main functions. Although Minecraft looks like it is a simple game, it has incredible depth, allowing the user to offer all their creativity infinitely. When we have been enjoying the experience for a few hours, it is likely that you are interested in making much more elaborate structures or gadgets.

That is why you should specialize in Redstone repeaters, and we are not only going to tell you what this is exactly, but we are going to let you know what its main functions are and the recipe to create it.

It will serve us a lot, especially to delay, amplify, or direct energy, making different mechanisms such as doors can work at will.

Build and use Redstone repeaters in Minecraft

First and foremost, a Redstone repeater is an element that we can place on any surface and that lights up when a Redstone signal passes through it.

It has several levers that can be moved, and we will explain how they work later.

Redstone Minecraft repeater

Principal functions:

  • The most basic is as a repeater, that is, it renews the strength of a Redstone signal. As you well know, Redstone signals reach up to 15 blocks, so if we want to increase its range we will need to place a Redstone repeater so that the signal reaches another 15 more blocks.
  • By delaying a Redstone signal, we can do it by clicking on the repeater to move the torches. With this, we will be changing the ticks which is the unit of time used in Minecraft.
  • Directing the signal, and the repeater only lets the signal pass in one direction, so it will allow us to redirect this energy to where we want to customize circuits.

Manufacturing recipe

  • 3x processed stone blocks
  • 2x Redstone torches
  • 1x Redstone

It is important that you learn to make Redstone circuits using the repeaters because it is essential if you want to move to a more advanced level of creativity in the adventure.

Minecraft: how to build the best pickaxe after the last update

We give you all the necessary steps so that you can build the definitive pickaxe in Minecraft.

The pickaxe is the most important element of all Minecraft, and in fact, it will be the first thing you want to make, but we are not here to tell you how to make a normal pickaxe, if not to try to make the final pickaxe, something that has slightly changed after part 1 of the Caves and Cliffs update.

With this pick, we can collect all kinds of materials and then build structures, but with the final pick we will be able to extract all these materials with amazing speed, and above all with great durability.

It is a long process, which will take a few hours, but we are going to tell you exactly how to make the final peak in Minecraft after the last update.

Minecraft: how to build the best pickaxe after the last update

The ultimate pick is the one that draws the fastest, has the longest durability, and has all the possible enchantments.

It could be said that the ultimate peak could reach efficiency 5, unshakable 3, Fortune 3, and repair 1.


The first thing we need is to get a netherite pickaxe, and these would be each of the steps:

  • First, find three diamonds and put them in the forge
  • Then we require four ancient rubble, which we must melt into pieces of nephrite and make it together with four gold bars to forge a nephrite ingot.
  • Now create a blacksmith table and upgrade the diamonds for the nephrite pickaxe

Now with this peak, we must go for the enchantments, and you need the following:

  • Make a lovely table and surround it with 15 shelves
  • Now you must enchant as many books as possible to get four enchanted books with Efficiency 5, Unbreakable 3, Fortune 3, and Repair 1
  • Finally, create an anvil and use it to enchant the nephrite pickaxe with the books above

Along the way, you will need other materials such as 90 wooden boards, 50 leather, 150 paper, 33 iron, 4 obsidian, 5 diamonds, 4 ancient rubble, 4 gold ingots, lapis lazuli, and experience.

Copper in Minecraft: how it rusts, different stages and utilities

We teach you everything you need to know about copper in Minecraft Caves and Cliffs: oxidation phases, how it oxidizes or deoxidizes, and possible uses.

The Caves and Cliffs expansion for Minecraft brings a lot of content and great news to Mojang’s game, and among them, we have new materials. We have already told you about amethysts, crystals, or axolotls, for example.

However, we had not yet mentioned another: copper. This material is very interesting to analyze because over time it deteriorates and ends up rusting. Both in their normal state as rust, we can use it for different things.

Logically, when it oxidizes it will change color little by little, and this works in a similar way to colored crystals in Minecraft. Here you will find everything you need to know about this material, as well as its oxidation stages.

Do you want to use copper and don’t know how to start in Minecraft Caves and Cliffs? Well, here is a guide on copper in Minecraft: how it oxidizes, different stages, and uses.

Copper in Minecraft: how it rusts, different stages and utilities

The first thing you should know is that oxidation is fundamental in copper. We can build structures with this material, but the bleaching ability gives a lot of play in Minecraft Caves and Cliffs.

Copper blocks in Minecraft go through four stages of oxidation or wear, whatever you want to call it. Of course, we can use a variety of colors (from more to less worn) to build rusty buildings and structures.

Minecraft Caves and Cliffs copper
  • Copper Block
  • Exposed copper
  • Worn copper
  • Oxidized copper

The more oxidized the copper, the more green its color will become. The full oxidation period in Minecraft Caves and Cliffs is 50 to 82 days … but you don’t need to wait that long. Turns out there is a glitch that we can take advantage of.

In the same way that blocks of lava can start fires and snow can melt randomly, blocks of copper can undergo oxidation without following a pattern. In other words, the game gives them a ” random tick ”, and this happens very often with copper.

Copper minecraft

You may prefer to keep your copper rust-free. Luckily, in Minecraft there is a way around this: use the honeycombs to wax it. This can be applied in any of the four stages, and the block will remain intact, without further rusting.

You may want to reverse the process and remove the oxide from your copper block. It can also be done, but you must combine it with the honeycomb and wax. For example, if you wax a block in the second stage, you can revert it to the first stage.

For this, you will only need an ax and have the copper block that you want to deoxidize waxed. And there is an alternative: lightning strikes that block. This is easier if we use a lightning rod, and it will also affect nearby blocks.


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