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Best Storytelling Poses for The Sims 4 (All Free)

Storytelling Simmers, this one is for you.Some of us play The Sims 4 to conquer all of the expansion pack challenges (like The Realm of Magic and Jungle Adventure).

Some of us play The Sims 4 with the intention of getting ridiculously rich.

And some of us play The Sims 4 just to watch the world burn (literally).

But there are some Simmers who get very involved in their Sims’ stories. Or they have their Sims carry out their own original stories and plots.

Whatever it is, it is doable.

And the TS4 content creator community makes it a breeze with all these really cool storytelling pose packs.

Table of Contents

1. Berry’s Tough Cry Pose Pack by berrysweetboutique

Check Out This Pose Pack

If you ever need to portray your Sim crying, this set of poses is exactly what you need.

Contains three solo poses for a heartbroken and grieving Sim.

The base game has sob animations, but they are usually cartoonish and/or goofy.

I think the closest we can get to something serious is when a sad Sim feels the need to “cry” under the covers. Otherwise, everything stays true to Sims 4’s proprietary hyperbolic facial expressions.

Berrysweetboutique’s poses manage to visually capture the stark reality of an emotional meltdown without appearing awkward, funny or overly caricatured.

2. Hard Times by thee bonysimmer

Check Out This Pose Pack

Have a Sim who is a bit of a workaholic?

Always burning the candle at both ends and the midnight oil just to stay on top of your workload?

I am familiar with this practice.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a caring coworker/partner to come over and gently comfort me as I get stressed out by stacks of paper.

But your Sim does! Especially with this incredibly cute work package.

There are 5 poses in total: two solo shots of your stressed-out Sim and three partner poses of your Sim’s partner to lovingly calm him down with a kiss.

It’s a very sweet and gentle scene that is especially perfect for a romantic office narrative.

3. Sandy-sims Summer Road Trip Pose Pack

Check out this pose pack


Before I get into the details, let me take a look:

This package is a bit difficult to configure. You definitely need a little patience and painstaking effort.

Teleporting Sims and assigning them poses within objects can be tricky. And you, unfortunately, don’t have the option to bypass that with this package, otherwise, the whole context flies out the window.

But if you want some incredibly detailed, high-quality screenshots of your Sims hitting the road during the summer, then this storybook pose pack from sandy-sims is a real winner.

It’s a mix of posed group shots (as if they were aware of a camera) and stolen shots (as from the perspective of an unknown third party), which I think is pretty clever.

You can have images that look like the ones your Sims took and scenes from the story.

There are a total of four group poses (maximum five Sims) and two partner poses (which, by the way, are really cute and cozy).

Group poses are a bit fiddly to set up, so be sure to check out the creator’s preview photos for teleporter guides.

And the pose list will also tell you what accessories you need (like “camera”, “truck”, etc.) so make sure to download all the ones the creator linked before playing!

Note: The original ’98 GMC Sierra CC pickup they paired is no longer available, but you can use this GMC Sierra from sg5150 or this Ford F-150 from LorySims.

4. Katverse Father’s Day Daughter Pose Pack

Take a look at this pose pack

How cute is this package? Not really.

These poses literally represent one of the healthiest scenes you’ve ever seen.

A father and daughter day event is always so precious to watch, and Katverse’s pose pack captures those tender and loving emotions to perfection.

From the father patiently brushing his daughter’s hair, to him dancing with her around the room, everything is detailed and beautifully executed.

If you have a dad-daughter-centric narrative for your Sims, use this pack.

It’s too adorable!

5. Cabin Fever: a pose pack that tells stories from All Harlow’s Eve

Check out this pose pack

This is certainly interesting.

The creator made these in response to a request, which means the poses are tailored to a specific story.

However, if you are creating a sleepless night narrative for your Sims, this pack will provide you with great screenshots!

Some of the poses are meant to be paired but, honestly, the solo poses can be mixed and matched as well (especially with the Sim in the top bunk).

So I’ll just follow the creator’s description of six adult female poses and two adult male poses.

However, I think the poses can be unisex. Especially if that would fit more with your story.Quick note on the bunk: The creator made the poses before EA released the bunk beds, so they matched the Sim’s height of the top bunk with the custom bunk they linked in the description.

If you try to use the base game bunk beds, the top Sim will be in the middle of the mattress, then. Just a warning!

6. Shyysims Loser Squad Trash Poses

Check Out This Pose Pack

If you need more real-life screenshots to fuel your story, this Sims 4 pose pack will serve you in a pinch.

It’s full of single shot scenes from very simple storytelling.

For instance:

Friends at a coffee shop, an adult pushing a baby in a stroller, a fussed birthday, and even a quick, casual walk (among others).

Everything is here.

It’s a great way to fill a scene, provide background texture, or transition from one narrative to the next.

There are 6 partner poses, 2 group poses, and 3 toddler poses.

The poses are also divided into four individual .package files:

Couple and Group Poses, Dinner Scene, Stroller Poses, and Walking Poses.

So you can save and dispose of whatever you need!

One final note: the stroller the creator linked in the description no longer appears to exist, so I used SimmerKate’s Designer Toddler Stroller stroller instead.

7. One day posepack of simmerberlin

Take a look at this pose pack

This is similar to the previous pack (Loser Squad Trash Pack by Shyysims) in that it is as random as it sounds.

But just like the Shyysims set, that’s what makes this pack great.

This represents sweet little scenes from life that any Simmer could use to fill in a narrative.

Day at the beach with friends, quiet night at home with family, informal afternoon ukulele practice… you know. Simply random and healthy moments that can be used as fillers for ongoing plots.

The setup is pretty easy too.

The game list has miniatures and accessory descriptions (ie “balloons”, “beer hand”, “ukulele”, etc.).

8. Pose Dump # 2 by sommerberlin

Take a look at this pose pack

Honestly, this creator throws out some of the most creative Sims 4 custom poses you’ve ever seen.

I am obsessed with their work and they have so much to give.

Take this combination of combined pose sets into one awesome variety pack:

Love hurts, I just…, and the crazy little thing called love.

There’s an obvious theme here, but it’s pretty amazing how many narratives they were able to craft from a single concept.

And they’re not tiny pose packs either, no.

For example, Love Hurts has 6 poses.

I Just… and Crazy Little Thing Called Love has 10.

If you ever need a casual, healthy, or emotional spin on a romance-based story, this pose dump is definitely for you!

9. “Storytelling” pose pack # 1 by sandy-sims

Check out this pose pack

So I’m not really sure what’s going on here. But it is definitely an intriguing scenario!

A Male Sim finds a Sim passed out on the floor, doesn’t look too happy about it, picks her up and carries her to bed.

He then passes out on a couch while seemingly keeping an eye on her.

The female Sim wakes up, sees the male Sim, and yawns.

I don’t know about you, but I read that story.

The creator also does not explain the narrative in the description.

They only tell you what you get (seven partner poses and four individual poses) when you download the pack.

I think this could work for stories with alcoholic Sims and Sims prone to fainting (due to a weak constitution or whatever).

Some Simmers write very specific stories, okay?

The point is, the poses in this pack are very well done.

10. Celebration: A mini gift! by sommer berlin

Check out this pose pack

Victories taste so much better when celebrated with friends, right?

This pose pack may not be as extensive or heavy as the others on this list, but the 2 poses found here are undeniably useful.

Do you have a group of disenfranchised teens who just had a great time together? Use the group hug.

Have a couple of college students on a road trip, taking photos at all the major sights/tourist attractions along the way? Use the first pose.

Spinning the narrative about a group of very close siblings who haven’t seen each other in years?

Both poses work incredibly well.

Basically, if you have a group event worth celebrating, the Simmerberlin pack is a great pose to go for.

11. Let It Snow Poses by sommer berlin

Take a look at this pose pack

Let’s go; everyone has a use for ice skating poses.

Skating activity after school? Cute first date? Young and fresh love on the track?

Whatever it is, this pack probably has a pose (or two) that you can use.

It has 4 healthy partner poses a parent and child, two adult friends, two childhood friends, and 5 playfully flirty poses that come together to make a balanced pose package.

The poses themselves are pretty easy to figure out in the game.

They are labeled in the list as c1 (for boys), m1 (for men), x2 (for Random Sim), etc.

There are also custom thumbnails, so assigning them should be easy.

12. Extra poses to tell solstice-sims stories

Check Out This Pose Pack

Well then. This is a bit strange.

But I’m not going to deny how incredibly creative and unique these poses are.

They come straight from the creator’s own original fantasy story, which would explain the unique titles and concepts.

However, they are quite well done.

They are also ambiguously general enough that they can be used in other non-canon stories.

There are three separate sets in this pose pack: (1) on the way to school, (2) meeting, and (3) after the shadow.

The first set can be used to portray any general group of friends (or even siblings) walking somewhere.

The second set, I really like it. A group of Adult / Young Adult Sims who witnesses something that horrifies, displeases or shakes them to the core. Very good for a horror or suspense narrative.

The third set is incredibly specific, but it definitely fits a fantasy / supernatural concept.

And speaking of fantasy …

13. CazMari’s Magic Wand Pose Pack

Take a look at this pose pack

As a nerd from Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings, I love a good magic duel as much as anyone.

Sims posing menacingly with wands?

Yes, please.

If you (like me) took several dozen screenshots when The Sims 4: Realm of Magic expansion pack came out, then you’re going to love it.

This pack gives you 9 additional poses of wand-waving, casting spells, and launching magic missile goodness.

And if the sheer genius of the concept wasn’t enough, this pack also has one of the most organized pose lists in the game – clear, emotion-based thumbnails, labels, and descriptions for each pose. Makes it incredibly easy to know what poses you are assigning.

14. Story Poses 1–07 by in bad romance

Take a look at this pose pack

This pose pack is quite similar to solstice-sims’ Storytelling Poses Extra Pack.

But this creator made all 18 poses for his own original story, so the descriptions of the poses (ie “Reyes”, “Laura”, “Emilia”) don’t make much sense.

However, preview photos and thumbnails make it easy to know which is which.

The poses themselves follow a very familiar theme:

Many Adult-Child combinations that are simple but comforting, such as playing the piano and preparing for a school play.

Most poses will need props to provide context.

Fortunately, the creator links them all in the description.

15. Drunken poses (couple) by Akuiyumi

Take a look at this pose pack

This pack is incredibly smart and incredibly creative.

Easily one of the most unique pose sets I’ve come across, if not for the concept, then for the execution as well.

The preview photos paint a pretty clear story:

A Sim meets someone they know drunk from their rocking chair. They try to appease them and manage, after a struggle, to drop the bottle.

Then they are taken away and deposited somewhere probably soft.

It’s a cute, clean story that would fit in well with the aftermath of a, particularly intense drinking session.

And I have to mention the expressions of the drunk Sim …

They are absolutely perfect.

They look wild, wasted, and a little bit over there, in the best possible way.

Honestly, this is a storytelling pose pack from this list that I had a lot of fun with.

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