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Best Sims 4 Selfie Pose Packs Ready For Simstagram (All Free)

Taking a creative selfie is hard enough in real life. There are a limited number of expressions that suit you. And your face can only be so interesting. Even full-time Insta models have to spice it up to stay engaged.

I mean, when they post a selfie, it’s usually under the guise of sporting a new haircut or makeup or something. Very rarely will they admit to posting a selfie with the sole intention of immortalizing their own faces?

The creators of Sims CC probably face the same challenge for custom selfie poses. How can you make what is essentially a self-portrait more interesting without a neat background or interesting accessories?

I can’t say that I know the answer. But the creators of these selfie pose packs for The Sims 4 definitely do!

Make sure you have Andrew’s Pose Player and Scumbumbo’s Teleport Any Sim mods ready, then check them out:

1. Katverse Pregnancy Selfie Pose Pack

See this CC

Baby on the way?

Say it out loud, say it with pride, with a cute Simstagram selfie!

Seriously, that pregnancy glow is real.

If your Sim wants a photo that really melts the hearts of his followers, nothing better than capturing the joy of a future father.

There are five poses in this pack, and they are all meant to be taken in front of a mirror (which means you’ll need a left-hand phone accessory). Pretty simple poses, but all of them are beautifully executed.

In fact, some of them would even pass as cute side selfies – no tummy required!

Be warned though: the iPhone accessory that Katverse links in the description lead to a dead page. I recommend visiting this link instead. That phone can be equipped through body accessories.

Also, if it looks off-center in CAS (in my case, the iPhone accessory ended up on the inside of the wrist), don’t worry; it will end up in your Sims’ hand in the game.

2. Pack Friends Selfie Pose – Set n. Veiga Sims # 1

See this CC

Collaborations between influencers are always a big problem.

If your social media star turns out to be friends with another Simstagram icon, why not show off that friendship (and get all the benefits that come with it) with some casual BFF poses?

These Veiga Sims poses are perfect for that.

Positions can be pretty standard, but expressions are just the opposite.

In fact, they’re just the right amount of relaxed, moderate emotion, resulting in some insanely cool expressions that look great even in EA’s default skin combinations.

They make your Sim appear serene and confident.

(And maybe a bit untouchable, but hey, influencers aren’t really known for their humility.)

3. Girl Selfie Pose Pack – Set No. Veiga Sims # 2

Look at this CC

Veiga Sim’s Girl Selfie Pose Pack Set 2 is an amazing example of how versatile and expressive Sims 4 faces can be.

The standard selfie expressions for TS4 are usually a variation of “wide smile” and “happy crescent eyes,” right? Right.

It works, but it can get repetitive.

This pose pack can bring your Sim’s Simstagram to life and display a wider range of emotions.

I’ve tested them in-game and can attest that they translate quite well even to EA’s default faces with no modifications.

However, I was a bit clumsy with the CC blush. But what social media influencer doesn’t get glamorous in front of the camera?

There are a grand total of six poses in this set: “seriously,” “thoughtful,” “soft smile,” “little smile,” “little smile,” and simply “teasing smile.”

I find these expressions to be much more modern and in line with what social media stars would post on IRL.

4. Boy Selfie Pose Pack – Veiga Sims Set # 4

Look at this CC

Don’t worry, gentlemen. Veiga Sims also released a selfie pose pack for kids.

And it’s just like new, expressive, and well-executed as her Girl Selfie set.

As with the previous pack for female Sims, this pack has six poses:

  • Hand behind neck
  • Little smile
  • thumbs up
  • Exciting smile
  • Hang loose
  • Soft smile

And they are self-explanatory.

This kind of naming system is something that I can personally appreciate as it helps to differentiate the different poses in a pack.

There is no shadow for any creator, I understand that we all have our own way of doing things. But I am often frustrated by pose packages that name individual poses using a combination of numbers and/or letters (eg “pose_001”, “03 pose”, “A”) rather than describing the pose itself.

Makes it quite difficult to remember which poses you want to use, especially with packs that have more than five poses.

Go back to this Veiga Sims pack.

Once again, it’s a breath of fresh air.

Just look at the preview photos to see how varied the emotions are.

And in terms of execution, the expressions are well designed and look amazing in-game. There is no awkwardness or strange valley here, no sir.

5. Katverse’s Selfie Queen Pose Pack

See this CC

If the custom pose is from katverse, you know it’s going to be on point.

Especially the faces.

I truly believe they are one of the best pose creators in the TS4 CC community. And their expressions are a big part of the reason.

They always make the appearance clear and distinct without breaking the “overly cartoonish” realm.

Also, facial expressions look great on Alpha CC and Maxis Match skin blends.

So regardless of what you prefer, the pose will look good in the game.

This Selfie Queen Pose Pack is an excellent example.

The model used by the creator has more realistic and photographic-looking features.

As someone who prefers clay textures, I can attest that all five poses looked great even on EA’s default skin, mouth, and eyes.

As with the other packages, the link to the phone used in the creator’s description leads to a dead page (again). In the meantime, feel free to use the redheadsims-cc phone accessory (the one I mentioned earlier on this page).

6. (LS) Selfie Poses and iPhone X Recolors by LispySimmer

Look at this CC

LispySimmer deserves crazy kudos on this custom set.

They managed to create ten individual poses (six for women, four for men) that are distinct and well-executed.

They translate beautifully into the game, they’re not difficult to pose at all (so there’s no need to play with Scumbumbo’s Teleport Any Sim mod), plus they work with CC and vanilla clothing.

There really is no downside to this set.

I also have to say that these custom poses + expressions were some of the most realistic creations I have come across.

Seriously, the looks on my Sims’ faces when I put them in these poses were very reminiscent of real social media influencers.

For example, male poses made my Sim appear tall, proud, and confident.

The feminine poses are a great mix of smooth and sultry, with just a hint of girl-next-door appeal.

My girls don’t usually photograph well (I’m not a great CAS Simmer, you know), but these expressions made her look incredibly photogenic.

Unfortunately, the iPhone X and subsequent colors that are linked in the creator notes also lead to disabled pages. Don’t worry though, because the redheadsims-cc phone accessory works well with these poses.

7. Mirror Selfie by Narokissims

Look at this CC

For the baddest witch rhymes on Simstagram who know she’s the queen, I give you: 3 Amazing Mirror Selfie Poses from Narokissims.

Perfect for when your social Sim has aesthetic vibes but doesn’t bother to stand up.

Honestly, though, these poses are some of the best IRL to TS4 translations on this list.

I mean, sure, there are only three of them. But with this quality?

Three is enough.

The creator took the typical social media star pose and perfectly recreated it in The Sims 4.

Everything from the cleverly casual pose to the barely visible, sultry smile is incredibly accurate.

If you use Alpha CC to make your Sims as realistic as possible, I promise you, the screenshots you take could pass as real Instagram photos. That’s how accurate these poses are.

8. Female Selfie by simmerid

Check Out of this CC

Now if you are looking for plain and simple selfie poses, nothing extra or too over the top, these simmerid poses will serve you in a pinch.

There are 6 poses for female Sims and they are all variations on the typical pretty stereotypical selfie smile.

I can’t say that I’m a huge fan of the third pose (where she throws a peace sign with her eyes wide open), as it translated quite strangely to my non-Alpha-CC Sim.

But all other custom expressions look great in the game.

I especially loved the first pose (shy smile with fingers covering the mouth) and the last one (eyes closed, lips pursed).

It is not very unique in terms of concept. But the execution more than makes up for it.

9. Sims.Babe’s Windmill Pose Pack

See this CC

For an amazing (and easy to set up) Simstagram squad selfie, check out this Windmill Pose Pack from Sims. Babe.

I guess the name comes from how all the Sims just appear one after the other in a neat row.

Something like unfolding playing cards, only with real human models.

I usually stay away from group poses if I can help it, simply because they are a suitable pain to set up.

Unless the creator thinks to include a diagram of where and how to place each individual Teleport Any Sim placeholder, I typically spend hours trying (and failing) to recreate the preview photos.

Fortunately, this Sims.Babe’s pose is pretty straightforward.

Just line up the placeholders, one after the other (keep them as close as possible) and you’re done; cute group selca.

I tried this custom pose with four of my Sims, but you can definitely have up to five people in the photo if you want.

Don’t forget to download the language accessory the creator linked in the description! I mean, the main Sim’s expression doesn’t look too strange without the tongue … but it could end up looking quite awkward if you use certain skin combinations or graphic settings.

10. Mirror Selfie V.2 Poses set by Flower Chamber

See this CC

Subjectively speaking, this pose pack is probably the most extensive on this list (at least when it comes to poses and positions).

I wasn’t expecting much due to the smaller preview photos. But when did I try them myself?

I was shocked.

Hands down my favorite on this list. Do not answer.

20 poses that work for both men and women, and they’re all incredibly detailed.

I mean slight tilts of the head, little smiles at the corners of the mouth, subtle pouts, minor variations – it all works.

I’m not even kidding – the amount of thought and effort that probably went into this package is insane, and it was definitely worth it.

There is not a single “bad” or “boring” pose here. You have variations of standing postures, sitting postures, wall-leaning postures, and everything in between.

Remember all that spiel I did earlier about making selfie poses look interesting and distinctive? I think the creator understands because all the poses in this set are incredibly high quality. And they stand out.

If you only plan to download one package from this entire list, I highly recommend this one.

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