Air Combat Games For Nintendo Switch

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When it comes to air combat games for Nintendo Switch, there are plenty of options to choose from. Some are more arcade-like than others. For example, G-LOC is a classic arcade title with a heavier emphasis on offensive play than After Burner. While G-LOC has some shortcomings in the longevity of its stages, it’s a solid way to spend 10 minutes. This game is an excellent dose of old school fighter jet action on the Switch.

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Another game that will make a great choice is Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy 2. This game is another dogfighting game with a variety of different modes. You can choose to play solo, with a partner, or with a group of friends. This game is also available digitally via the Switch eShop.

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While Starlink: Battle for Atlas isn’t a true space exploration game, it does have a lot of great features. For starters, its combat system is far less complex than other space exploration games. It also has the benefit of a new toy system that adds to its appeal.

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