Allied Seals in Final Fantasy 14

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In Final Fantasy 14, the allied seals are an important currency that allows players to complete quests in the game. This currency is obtained through hunts, which are missions in which you have to kill specific monsters. There are two types of hunts, Heavensward and Stormblood.

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In order to obtain these Allied Seals, you must first collect enough Allied Seals. There are two ways of obtaining them: by purchasing them with Gil or by using Poetics. The first way is the usual way, but there are also some alternative ways to acquire them.

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The second way of acquiring allied seals is to participate in the hunt quests. To do this, you need to join the horde. If you don’t do the hunt quest, you’ll get a daily bill that is nearly worthless. The weekly bill is nearly as bad. Not participating in the hunt quest will get you less than two seals per day, but will give you 20 seals per week. You can also use FATE to spawn four seals per day.

Another way to obtain allied seals is to cultivate them. You can buy armas, esbirros, and accessories with these resources. You can also earn special rewards and unique items through them. This method is more reliable than hunting for them. You can also use Allied Seals to upgrade Novus Zodiac Weapons.

The Elite Mark Bills are more powerful than the Regular Mark Bills, and they only appear under certain conditions. They will reward you with more Gil and Allied Seals, so collecting them is a good way to build up your Allied Seals. These seals can be exchanged for a variety of rewards, such as unique Grand Company weapons and housing items.

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