30 Best Maxis Match Curly Hair CC for The Sims 4 (All Free)

The Sims 4 runs on Best Maxis Match Curly Hair.

It’s fun doing crazy challenges or trying to get your Sim to reach their goals, but let’s face it: many players spend most of their time in CAS essentially playing dress-up with their Sims.

Okay, yes, I’m included. Guilty of the charges!

The game already offers a bit of everything. But that’s like a sample compared to the amount of custom content out there for free, created by other Simmers.

And one area of CAS that is missing is curly hair. But luckily there are an incredible amount of fan-created styles available.

That’s why we’ve curated a great collection of Maxis Match curly hairstyles right here, offering tons of new options for all of your adorable Sims.

1. Zazie Hair

Look at this CC

Big is beautiful in almost all cases, but especially when it comes to curls. It is surprising that some people are born naturally and others have to work with plastic rollers or rods.

Well, there should be no shame in either of them.

Hair is part of who we are and how we express ourselves, whether we love it or hate it. And I have nothing but love for this Grimcookies creation.

It is large in both volume and curl size. They are tight and there are many, which gives this hair a somewhat round shape.

The texture is also perfect for Maxis Match. Not too detailed, not too clayey… it’s perfect!

I don’t want to sound like Goldilocks. But if there’s one area where it’s okay to be pedantic, it’s hair.

You’ll see it every second you play, so it’s best to have CC like this, which never goes out of style.

2. Dawn Hair

Look at this CC

The depth and detail that people manage to give Sim’s hair is truly amazing.

You would think that creators generally don’t have much to work with.

I have no idea how it works, so maybe that’s why it’s so impressive. But the fact that the creators can perfectly portray all the real-life diversity that comes with hair is part of the reason why CC is so beloved.

Such good precision was simply not possible with previous games and their outdated graphics.

Looking at this Dawn Hair set, I have to say it is very much needed.

These long, thick curls are slightly parted to the side, and I feel like I’ve seen hundreds of girls with this style. It’s simple, but it’s a natural hairstyle at its finest.

3. Jude Hair

Check out this CC

Short and curly is an amazing combination.

Here’s a cute and fluffy option for your Okruee male Sims.

Unsurprisingly, the curls are very defined in every way. It looks very thick and I imagine touching it would be like running your fingers through the clouds.

And here’s more good news: your Sim can even wear hats with this hair.

Understandably, not everyone is cut out for that … but it’s always nice to have that option.

4. Tay Hair

Check out this CC

Sometimes you can only see the texture of a hairstyle from a certain angle. But that is not the case here.

There is absolutely no doubt that this Tay Hair CC is a curl wonder.

Each strand is tight, creating the perfect look right down to the bangs. Or upwards, as the case may be.

Bangs aren’t always easy to find with CC, for whatever reason, but I love them. And they are as cute as can be here.

They’re a bit choppy and it works great with this cut, which reminds me of 80s rock stars in the best way.

5. Joanne’s hairstyle

Check this CC

This mid-parted mane is curled from roots to ends in equal measure.

KiaraZurk did a great job here, adding so much volume to a relatively short haircut.

There are no better words to describe this CC than “luxurious” and “beautiful,” which are two goals we all have with hair care.

Your Sims are the lucky ones who can get that maintenance-free look, so go nuts. The days with bad hair and the wind cannot touch this “doing.”

And the way this frames a Sim’s face is really nice – it makes hair appear even thicker.

6. Hair trip

Check Out of this CC

Qwertysims describes this as a “curly cut.” And those are two of my favorite words to see together when I’m hunting CC.

Cuts were popular in the 1940s and are having their biggest resurgence, but with all sorts of modern twists. People get shaved designs, super sharp edges and lines, or they shave all the way.

The length of the hair on both sides plays a huge role in the end result, and this is one of the most amazing versions I have ever seen.

The curl trimmed mop has a very youthful feel. And the shaved part complements it brilliantly.

It comes ready for men and women, teens and the elderly, plus the Maxis Match aesthetic is a great fit.

7. Hair cages

Check out this CC

Simple hairstyles generally make time easier in real life.

If you love hair and styling yourself, then sure, taking the time to keep it perfect is probably not a big deal.

But for others (like me), the only way we’ll be able to enjoy hair with small complexities is through The Sims, where we don’t really have to strain.

Shout out to creators like AHarris00Britney for making that possible!

At first glance, this may look like a standard curly bob. But actually the left side is partially pulled back and braided. A lovely personal touch.

It is also placed behind the Sim’s ear, which is another way to make their appearance more dynamic.

All of this is what makes one cut different from the other, and it really pays off.

8. Jort Hair

Check out this CC

Here we have another great hairstyle where the curls really are at their finest, this time coming from the creator Okruee.

If you’re a big fan of CC hair, you’ve probably come across this Simmer a lot. And his creations are synonymous with creativity and quality.

My Mods folder is full of his stuff, and this CC is the latest addition.

Those gorgeous curls are simply impossible to pass up. No strand left behind.

But in case you’re not a fan of those little strands around the edges, you can even go for the No Strands version to remove them.

Either way, this rounded cut is beautiful from start to finish.

9. Shea hair

Check out this CC

The curves and curls make this voluminous afro a truly beautiful sight to behold.

It is super thick in every way and the front has some very well detailed curls.

I think a lot of people assume that big hairstyles like this will not be compatible with hats.

We’ve all come across CC that just doesn’t work with any hat, and even some official hairs that are questionable.

That wizardry just can’t be possible from a fan-made item, right?

No, you silly geese!

Where there is a will, there is a way.

Mystericsims enlisted the help of Synthsims, who created the hat chops here. So you will have as much freedom with the glorious Shea Hair as you could wish for.

10. Ana Hair

Check out this CC

Okruee has done it again, this time with an updo.

Now I don’t know if all Simmers are as demanding as I am, but I like that there is some coherence and realism in my Sim’s hairstyles (even with the Maxis Match look).

If I am going to give you a hairstyle, I like to have “loose” hair that matches in length and type.

That is not always possible, especially with official hairs. Probably because they think that most of the players are not as crazy as I am… but hey, there are several of us! Dozens even!

With that in mind, I really treasure this CC.

It is still very clear that this Sim has curly hair, even though it is tied up in a loose bun. The wavy texture remains and the bangs strands are as curly as possible.

And just like the Jort Hair CC mentioned above, Okruee leaves it to you whether you want to include those locks or not.

11. Curlys Curly hair

Check out this CC

“Retexturing” is generally an exciting word in the The Sims community.

It means that someone has taken the time to modify an existing hair model (usually modifying the EA stuff). And the idea is that the creators are giving it a little makeover.

Someone could do this to make Alpha hair look more “Maxis Match”, or just try to make it a little more detailed.

The end result is something that everyone can appreciate.

Here, the creator (or retexturized in this case) took the simple curly mop from the base game and made it a little more complete and enjoyable.

The shape is not that awkward anymore, and it seems that even some of the shades are different.

12. Amber Hairstyle + Clips

Check out this CC

Here’s another adorable option from KiaraZurk, this time complete with some accessory clips!

There are all kinds of fun things that we can add to our hair. But sadly, our Sims don’t usually get the same opportunity.

This curly bob looks charming, from the side swept part to the ends. The clips are totally optional too, but in my opinion they really add an even cuter element to this hairstyle.

They are small, but appear quite realistic and will be placed on the left side of your Sim’s hair, just above their ear.

And this CC also has something that a lot of hairs lack, which is an effective layered look.

Clearly a lot of time was spent on this. And even the little curly strand in front of the Sim’s ear provides a bit more depth.

13. Hair cake

Check out this CC

I don’t know why, but “Keke” is the perfect name for this hair.

It’s as endearing as it sounds!

This is a longer cut that will go well above your Sim’s shoulders. In front or behind, you can clearly see how thick and elegant it is.

Legit like the hair of a Disney princess.

There is an untamed vibe that is very charming in this look, and any Sim will definitely make it their own.

You can also choose a version thrown back, which leaves most of the hair behind the shoulders except for a few strands of bangs, or the “Standard Keke Hair”, which basically leaves it the same in both the front and the back. .

14. Long tight curls

Check out this CC

Eagle-eyed Simmers will notice that this is another edition of the hair from the base game.

Only this CC goes a bit beyond a restructuring.

The fun of having tight curls goes on and on here, up to a tapered point near the middle of your Sim’s back.

KiaraZurk did a brilliant job of keeping the hair consistent.

It’s completely full of corkscrew curls that certainly nail the game’s Maxis Match style – just cooler.

15. Curly bun

Check out this CC

Rusty is another one of those CC creators that I find myself coming back to over and over again.

This beautiful bun is the perfect example of why that is the case.

The bun itself is a casual yet sophisticated low-twist style. But you can tell it contains some fair curls that are barely restricted!

Then up front we have a very natural look to the middle part with some of the most impressive, kinky, choppy side bangs ever.

They are incredibly beautiful on their own or with hats.

It’s like what Nancy Landgraab would wear if she really had some style, that poor bird.

16. Hair Day

Check out this CC

I’m not sure which came first, the abundance of content for female Sims or the massive realization that it’s easier to make them aesthetically pleasing.

There is definitely a connection, but does anyone know? Does anyone care?

In any case, this does not mean that your male Sims cannot have the same level of quality hairstyles. There are many creators who are killing him, and Marso is among them.

This messy and cropped curly masculine cut looks very natural.

These curls are thick and give the hair a ton of dimension.

Any Sim will look young and handsome with this on their head, it’s impossible not to!

17. Carousel hairstyle

Look at this CC

Rope is among the best male-centric content creators out there.

Their download catalog covers a wide range, including everything from lots and furniture, to material for almost every CAS category.

I have used almost all of Rope’s hairstyles and they really become part of my Sim.

Not only their appearance, but also who they are. This is what a good haircut should feel like. And it’s no different for our dear pixel people.

This CC is a little softer than a lot of hairs we’ve seen, and that’s great. There is actually a scale for curling so I’m glad a lot of that has already been rendered here.

It’s still intensely curly, to be sure, just in a more compact way.

18. Hair collected

Look at this CC

Honestly, curly hair is the only texture that can look messy and inexplicably neat at the same time.

That’s the most ridiculous oxymoron, I know, but let me explain.

This half updo is wild and voluminous in each and every portion. Even the bun is clearly full of curls! There is no way to tame it and yet everything about this feels very deliberate.

What we have here is not the bun of a girl who just got out of bed and raised her hair.

It’s neat, which makes it perfect for all things that aren’t a messy bun.

Your Sim can wear this hairstyle morning, noon, and evening, both at work and at the bar.

And while there is no hair out of place (pun intended), I am obsessed with bangs. They have this realistic and flexible look that is unmatched.

19. Short curly hairstyle

Look at this CC

Here’s another Rope creation that has the shorter curl version you’ll find.

He cut out the hairiest version of the base game, and the result is this cute laid-back look.

Yes, I go with “cute.” This may have been intended for manly men, but there is simply no better way to describe it.

And Rope made it available to women too! (both download links can be found on the CC page)

Interestingly, while this model comes from the base game, it is very similar to one of the hairs that came with the Outdoor Retreat.

I love that package, don’t get me wrong, but this CC is like a million times more flattering while still having that same slightly rough vibe.

20. Melodie Hair

Check out this CC

There are so many different types of curls in the real world that it’s hard to keep track.

We’ve seen tight coils, loose rolls, messy, and everything in between.

Here, Miiko has created a great gently wavy look. Seriously, this is hair worthy of a shampoo commercial or magazine cover.

It is parted in the middle, and feathery wavy waves are not in short supply.

They will frame your Sim’s face better than a picture frame.

In addition to the 18 standard Maxis Match swatches, 3 more are added here as well. Those gorgeous shades of silver, pink, and purple will really add up to this dreamy hair!

21. Joshua Hair

Check out this CC

Nobody can reuse things like The Sims community.

Surprisingly, this CC uses part of another hair on this list.

It’s so unique in its own right that I never would have known unless Stephanine specified it, but this has the bangs from the Up & Out Hair!

That just goes to show how far something like “fluffy bangs” can go.

This is one of my favorite modern TS4 hairstyles for men.

The shaved sides and curls on top seem to balance out really well.

And this has a more edgy masculine feel to it that Sims of all ages, teens and older, can make their own.

22. LENA by Simstrouble

Check out this CC

Despite how advanced CAS is (especially compared to previous Sims games), the hair color is still a bit atypical.

In fact, we have backtracked a bit, since in previous games it was possible to add reflections or change the color. But with The Sims 4, you get what you get.

If a hairstyle is a solid color, it will stay that way unless you find CC.

But why not add more variety? Highlights are a great outlet for self-expression, not to mention they’re just plain cool.

This LENA hair from Simstrouble is really like a two-for-one style.

The combination of colorful highlights and short curly hair is way overdue.

So many girls in real life sport this style, so it’s about time we can have Sims like this too!

23. Chanel Hair

Look at this CC

Here’s another double hitter, this time in the form of a fantastic medium.

It’s down, it’s up, and all at once to boot. What more could you want?!

Nothing is left unless someone comes up with side hairstyles! Technically they would be pigtails, but whatever.

The thing is, since our Sims can’t just try new things on the go, it’s a lot of fun to incorporate styles like this into your game.

It is casual yet elegant and with a whole new look, while maintaining the Maxis Match design.

The bun part is one of those adorable bulky types, and the rest will go over your Sim’s shoulders. Creator ImVikai cautions that this was her first time texturing, but you’d never guess by looking at this hair.

24. Long curly ponytail

Look at this CC

Ponytails have been the most popular hairstyle for probably 30 years.

There is no way to spoil them.

Leave out some locks and bangs, and a ponytail can be part of a well-put-together ensemble. Hold it tight and there is no better hairstyle for exercises.

And of course, the short pony is a beloved ‘do it quick’ that is good for both formal parties and beach days.

This CC combines all the best aspects of all those ponytails for a long, detailed look.

After all, people with curly hair generally don’t lose their curls when they change the way they wear their hair, which is kind of like what happens when you try to give your Sim multiple hairstyles in The Sims 4.

Unless you do your best to make sure they match, they probably won’t.

But you will love the look of this CC, day or night, no matter the outfit.

Chocosims has made the ideal curly ponytail from Maxis Match.

25. Zaid Tiny Living Hair Edit

Check out this CC

Overall, I can’t say enough good things about Tiny Living Stuff.

You get a host of new games and features in a small package. And the additions to CAS are part of what makes it so great.

However, the smallest adjustments can change the entire look of a haircut, transforming it into something completely different.

That is the case of this edition.

These curls were already some of the best the game has seen, but they were a bit too high.

Sure, they are fluffy and a bit untamed. But I like the ice cream version for breakfast, which tones it down.

Now they even look more realistic.

26. Top tufty curls

Check Out of this CC

Everything about this hairstyle is purely adorable.

And not in a childish way as some people worry. Just so much fun and fluffy, plus there are accessories!

But before we get into that, let’s focus on the style itself.

This is short. Short enough that you can’t call it a half updo. More exactly, it is like a bob with a bun.

The texture is amazing and for a semi-complex hairstyle, I am amazed at how natural it looks. This does not have that “too round” thing that you will sometimes find in the base game.

And yes, we cannot forget about the accessories!

By default, the hair comes with a black clip.

You can also download additional bobbles in various colors, and it will be an overload of cuteness if you pair them with your Sim’s clothes. Just an idea!

27. Narcissus hair

Look at this CC

The short, tight curls from the base game are back, this time courtesy of ImVikai!

For the most part, not much has changed here… oh, except that a beautiful headband is included.

It is a wonderful accessory that goes very well with such thick curls.

The headband will keep them in place and off your Sim’s face, and… I wish it didn’t rhyme.

But I love that The Sims 4 community has people talented enough to add things like this to existing hairs.

Because now this is another way to change your Sim’s appearance without a drastic change.

This CC can be used in conjunction with the base version of the game, or one of the editions, and it will appear that your Sim takes pride in their appearance.

28. Talia Hair

Check out this CC

On a day-to-day basis, most people have a standard way of combing their hair. And it’s usually not too fancy.

So something simple and pretty is always a good way to play it safe.

Talia Hair from Greenllamas feels like something we’ve missed all the time in The Sims 4.

None of the hairs on this list are particularly retro, but this one is especially in vogue for modern times. It’s hair that almost everyone would be happy to have, with subtle curls and a soft-looking texture.

Plus, no split ends.

A clip accessory is also included here and can be found in the Piercings category of CAS.

29. Xavi Cabello

Look at this CC

K-Pop stars have an influence that goes beyond their home country of Korea, and well beyond pop music as well.

We have all seen them.

We all know that K-pop boys and girls always have the most spectacular haircuts and outfits. They are on another level in basically every area, which is why they have become loved all over the world.

That influence has now come to The Sims 4.

Well, he did it a long time ago … but I’m late and I’m starting to realize how many Simmers have created K-pop content.

What Qwertysims has here is a great example of K-Pop inspired hair for men.

It has the middle part, so you know it’s authentic. And it fits in the line of a clean Maxis Match look.

This is truly a boyish cut, complete with beautiful loose curls.

30. Wavy hair

Look at this CC

StrangerVille is one of my favorite packages.

I know, how could I say something so controversial and yet so brave?

It’s really fun because of the atmosphere and the aesthetics of the city. And the things we get at CAS fit perfectly with that.

Except … none of the haircuts are particularly flattering. And it’s OK.

The residents of StrangerVille are hardworking folks who we can assume don’t have much time for fancy hairdos.

But like Simmers, we must have hair options.

This edit fixes the bob that came with StrangerVille, updating the hair to a nicer length, just past your Sim’s jaw.

That hairstyle always had some wild curls, and those remain, only more.

And the really cool part is that this CC is even compatible with the basic game, so now all gamers are free of unappealing bob haircuts.

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